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Talkin’ About Kids and Tattoos

Recently one of my bloggy friends, Leilani the lovely lady behind Soleil Selene, wrote a post about the future discussion she will have with her daughters about tattoos and body piercings. Now, I know I'm not the only (bloggy) mama with a tattoo. They've become increasingly popular over the years and a


Dealing With My Child’s First Public Meltdown

In one word:¬†humiliating! Last week I went on my first “mommy date” at a local coffee shop. There really isn't anywhere decent to meet up with kids around here. (I've come up with a business idea, but it likely will never see the light of day.) Seeing as how we haven't ventured


Breastfeeding Milestones

This week's topic is milestones. Or, as I refer to them: boobie awards! I previously posted about achieving my three month milestone and have my sights set on achieving six months next. While I know I'd like to nurse for at least a year, it feels good to focus on the shorter


My Daughter’s Birth Story: Part One

Fair warning: This post will be long and may include some less than flowery descriptions of the disgustingly beautiful process that is childbirth. It also may seem disorganized as it is being written stream of consciousness style. Another side note: I originally intended for her birth story to be a single post.