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Our Top 10 Recipe Roundup in 2012

I try to share recipes here and there, but I'm not the most creative cook or baker. I suppose I don't have to create brilliant dishes in order to share though, huh? Maybe you'd just like to know a few tasty things I was able to make without screwing it up! I'm


A Look at the Year 2012 on TFTN

2012 was quite the year for us here at Tales From the Nursery. There were ups and downs but overall I would say it was a pretty great year for our family and the blog. Let's take a look back at some of the highlights, shall we? (And if you are a


How My Kids Helped Change My View of Christmas

Do you remember how I shared last year that the holiday season has been tough for me emotionally over the years? Throughout my life I've lost several family members around this time of year and last year my dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Not fun stuff, I assure you. (Though good


5 Tips From a Second Time Mom

I'd like to think I'm wiser about being a mom now that I've had my second child, but the truth is I'm still figuring it out as I go along. Just when I think I've got it down pat, one of these kiddos throws me a curve ball. Usually it's my oldest,


Xander’s Birth Story aka How to Give Birth at the Hospital in 10 Minutes

Parts of our birth story I expected, but there are several elements I did not. This may get lengthy and full of details that some would say is too much information. But I say, it's all part of the story! For weeks leading up to delivery day I was experiencing Braxton Hicks


Sharing Birthdays

Like anybody does, it's always fun to see who you share a birthday with. We got to do it again when Xander was born on December 8th. It's funny. Aerissa is so dramatic and outgoing, and she shares her birthday with a lot of actors and actresses. Xander shares his birthday with


Old Wives Tales Used for Baby Gender Prediction

Nowadays so many pregnant women find out if they are having a boy or a girl through an ultrasound, usually around 20 weeks. While there are still people who choose to keep it a surprise, I am not one of them. I like to know! And we'll (hopefully!) be finding out in


Quick & Easy Dinner: Layered Taco Bake Recipe

Note about this recipe: I adapted this recipe after seeing a taco shell kit for a layered bake. I glanced over the kit and decided I could make my own for less money. Of course, when I went to make it I couldn't remember how they layered it so this is what


Learning to Love Me – My Constant Struggle With Self Image

I love myself and my family. I know I'm a valued wife, mother, sister, daughter, aunt, and friend. But sometimes… sometimes other people's perceptions concern me. I think a lot of us struggle with this, but some more than others. I decided to write about this after a previous post by Jen


An Ode To My Mother, On My First Mama’s Day

Today is Mother's Day. Today is my first mother's day, but Mom, it's far from your first! I can't imagine how I changed your lives. I can barely believe how Riss has changed ours. I know we haven't always seen eye to eye. We haven't always gotten along. I suspect I'll have my