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Crock Pot Cheesy Potatoes Recipe

Cheesy potatoes made in my Crock Pot makes a delicious side dish for dinner. This is a slow cooker recipe I can use all year round too, which I absolutely love! One reason my Crock Pot gets so much love from me? The kids go bonkers around normal dinner time making it


Big Game Party Food Recipes

I love football Sundays, especially when we are enjoying delicious food with friends and family while watching an intense game on tv. Even when our team doesn't make it to the Big Game, I look forward to hanging out, snacking and watching the commercials. (They are getting too hyped up now though,


And then… she took off her sandals

Ever since Rissa was a baby it has been impossible to keep socks on her for very long. She used to kick them off, now she yanks them off as soon as her shoes are off. But it's not her socks that caught my attention the other day. Not too long ago


Dance With Me Daddy

Every time I hear the song “Summertime Blues” fond memories of dancing with my dad come to mind. The chink of the quarter dropping into the jukebox. Pressing the familiar buttons, queuing up the song. As the first notes hit the speakers he'd take my little hand in his, guiding me along. Twisting,


Rissa Pretends to Be Me and Shows Off Her Somersault Skills [VIDEO]

Okay the title sounds a little weird, doesn't it? Rissa is not pretending to be me while doing somersaults, but she thinks it's funny to take over the video intro and claim to be Darcy. We are like a comedy team for a few seconds there. Me: What's your name? Her: Darcy!


Confession: I Don’t Want My Daughter to be a Teen Slut Like Me

I wish I could pick and choose how my daughter is like me. Right now I know how much she looks and acts like I did as a young child. I'd give her my sense of humor and academic skills, but withhold the busty chest, self-doubt, and low self-esteem. Fickle self-esteem Maybe


What is Motherhood? [VIDEO]

Happy Mother's Day! I made this little video after asking for your input on our Facebook fan page – How would you describe motherhood in one word. I know that was a tough question. How do you sum up something so complex in one word? (Video) Hope you all have a lovely day.


Adding Google Plus to My Social Equation

How many social networks are you on? What if you could combine the best concepts from each into a new one? What if it could help you with your blog or business? Let me tell you about my renewed interest in Google Plus (referred to as Google+ or G+ here on out)


An Interview With My 4 Year Old Self [VIDEO]

I dug into the home movie archives to bring you a conversation with my 4 year old self. Seems I actually started vlogging in 1985. So of course the quality will be questionable, but it is still entertaining. Also, volume is a bit quiet throughout the entire video. I make some observations


Tips for Taking Baby to a Blogging Conference

Want to attend a blogging conference but not sure about leaving your baby behind? Good news – there are baby friendly conferences. After attending BlissDom with 4 month old Xander, I thought I'd share some of the pros and cons of having him with me as well as a few tips that