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Ask the Web Guy #savvyblogging

I came to Darcy asking if she'd like me to offer some of my knowledge of all things web development out to the Mommy Blogger community and she said she thought that was a great idea. So, here we are. I'm more than happy to try to answer any questions you all


For the Love of Comments

Create With Joy has a great discussion going on about how bloggers handle responding to comments. I've tried a few different ways to respond and interact with my lovely readers, but until now, couldn't find a way that worked well. On my gaming blog, I always replied to comments in an additional


Why Facebook Hates Your Blog

Two interesting things about Facebook has come to my attention: Facebook hates busy bloggers and keeps trying to hide us from our fans. It's nothing person, but it's what appears to be happening. Less than half of my fans are seeing my fan page updates and posts. That's right – less than