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Giveaway Liars & Cheaters & Comment Concerns Follow Up

Wow! I can't believe the number of responses my post about the problems I had verifying winners recently. I'm really glad to see how much you all care. I apologize that I can't reply to each of the 35 or so comments. I'd love to, but many of you expressed the same


How the Move From Google Friend Connect (GFC) to Google+ Affects Bloggers and Readers

Times they are a-changin' and Google is busy cleaning out old services and applications while ushering in new ones. One of the ones being swept out the door is Google Friend Connect (also known as GFC). At least it won't be available or supported for non-Blogger/Blogspot blogs after March 2012. So, sites


Blogger Resource: Places to Submit Giveaways

Need to advertise that awesome prize you are offering? Want to know where I get the most bang for my buck (i.e. time) listing? I'm going to share with you my favorite places to list giveaways… and a couple tips too. There are 3 places I list nearly every single giveaway and


Bloggers: Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Carnival Event – Sign Ups Open

I know we are focused on holiday gift ideas right now, but you can start to get ideas for Mother's Day now too! It is a perfect time to find what gifts you would like to give to your mother. Makobi Scribe is proud to present Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Carnival Event


Why I Left Triberr

Dear Triberr, You came to me and offered me great things… things to help make sharing blog posts easier. You noticed the ReTweet Club we had where we helped each other out. You offered me a way to make this happen automatically. It sounded too good to be true. At first it


Blogger Resource: How to Submit Queries on Profnet and Profnet Connect

I previously suggested three places to find sponsors for products to review and giveaway. You can also use those sites to find experts for posts you are writing and probably even guest posters. They are a way for you to put your request out to those looking for interested people to work


Seeking Part-Time Contributors: Book Reviewer, Recipes, Crafts

Do you have a passion for reading and telling others about the world you were just immersed in? How about a creative mind that can concoct delicious dishes or cute crafts? I would love to offer more book reviews, crafts, and recipes to my readers, but I need your help to do


Review & Giveaway Resources: Places to Submit Pitches to Sponsors

When you are taking part in a giveaway event, you will want places to submit pitches to sponsors. Sometimes it is helps to send a wider message out to companies and PR firms that are looking to partner with bloggers. This should not be your only way of finding sponsors for reviews


Thoughts on Triberr: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

I just need to ramble a bit today. Ever since I wrote my post about Triberr developing ways to judge content (because there aren't enough rating services and programs already out there), I've been contemplating my involvement in it. I thought they weren't going to move forward with the Quality Score aspect


Ask the Web Guy: Burnin’ Feeds and Taking Names

Darcy asked me to type up a quick tutorial on your RSS feed and how to “burn it.” All blogs, regardless of their topic, should have an RSS link (sometimes also called Subscribe) in a easy-to-see spot. Many people, me included, like to view their blogroll using an RSS reader, such as