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Tips for Taking Baby to a Blogging Conference

Want to attend a blogging conference but not sure about leaving your baby behind? Good news – there are baby friendly conferences. After attending BlissDom with 4 month old Xander, I thought I'd share some of the pros and cons of having him with me as well as a few tips that


Because Prompts are Fun #13 – Money Honey

Today is Tax Day so we figured many of you would have your mind on your money and your money on your mind today. We've already filed, received and spent out refund. Heh. Okay, so that's not entirely true, but it's “spoken for” and hidden away from my bestie Amazon. I really love


Because Prompts are Fun #12 – Procrastination

You know what's ironic? I had this post about the procrastination prompt done early. I'm not going to lie – a lot of my posts are written during the witching hour, hot on the tail of a deadline. Sometimes that deadline is my own bed on our content calendar, and sometimes it


Because Prompts are Fun #11 – Funny

Every year I try to think up something clever to do for an April Fools Day prank on the blog, but I haven't been able to pull it off since the time I had my cat post about playing World of Warcraft on our gaming blog. I get hung up on it not


6 Words to Describe Spring [Because Prompts are Fun]

This may be my shortest post ever because I am going to get right to it! 6 Words to Describe Spring Renew/rebirth Twitterpated Cleaning Flowers Bunnies Green What 6 words would you use?


Final Blissdom Recap, Takeaways and Thoughts

There is always a lot to take in after attending a conference. I'm not always good with the follow up. In the past I'd get too overwhelmed with the ever growing to-do list plus all the things that needed my attention upon returning home. This time I'm going to do it different


Recap of Blissdom Day 2 and Me Tossing Pizza Dough!

I will be providing a better recap later when I can think better. Right now my brain is full of knowledge, new friends, and screaming for sleep. But, I did record a quick video talking about my second day at Blissdom. I wish I could have gotten it out to you earlier,


Searching for Inspiration at Blissdom [Because Prompts are Fun]

Nothing boosts your creativity better than a big dose of inspiration. There are times when I question what I'm doing, if it is worth it, and if I should scrap it and start over. When I'm inspired, my mind is flooded with ideas. My creativity shoots up and the words tumble forth


Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? Blog Changes and Goals for 2013

I'm serious – will you? I've alluded to changes since sharing my personal and professional goals for 2012. Slowly there's been a shift around here and you all are going to notice it quite a bit more very soon. So, I figure I should give you fair warning now. I hope you


Party and Event Highlights From My Time in NYC for BlogHer ’12

I want to first say that the parties and events I'm going to talk about were not official conference activities. They occurred off site while I was at the conference, but they were not associated or affiliated with the BlogHer '12 conference in anyway. It's been a month since I returned from