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5 Reasons I Had Issues Conceiving

I recently read an article on with 10 reasons you're not getting pregnant. I had read so many things on how TO get pregnant while trying but not much about why I wasn't having any success. Looking back, here are 5 things I think may have contributed to my infertility issues:


Never Say Never With Infertility

When talking about the issues we had conceiving our daughter, I was always hesitant to use the word infertility. I'd leave it at issues conceiving, but did not consider myself to be dealing with infertility. To me, infertility was a major issue diagnosed by a doctor that said I could never have


TTC Journal: The Importance of Normal Blood Sugar Levels in Pregnancy

For most women, blood sugar levels aren't usually a concern as long as they are healthy. However, for women with diabetes or at a greater risk for developing diabetes, it is a concern. I have family history of diabetes, which puts me at risk of developing Type 2. With my last pregnancy,


New Must Have Ovulation Calculator App if Trying to Conceive!

The e.p.t. Ovulation Calendar came at the right time, I think. It JUST came out on March 15th. I downloaded it onto my iPhone and plugged in my last period to see fertility week suggestions along with suggested due dates. Love that they do the math for me! Trying to conceive can be a


WW: Happy Conception Anniversary!

Today is the 2nd anniversary to the BFP (big fat positive) of when I found out I was pregnant with Rissa! It was a very exciting day! We laughed, cried, jumped for joy, and sat together going “now what?” I'm happy to say we will be starting to try again. And I


TTC Journal: I’m Ovulating Regularly Again!

Ever since I can remember, my periods have been mostly irregular except while on birth control. Of course, being on the Pill in order to have a regular cycle doesn't help anyone get pregnant… Last month I shared with you about my love/hate relationship with Aunt Flo, but that I was excited


Trying to Conceive | SpermCheck Fertility At Home Test for Men

When we were having trouble trying to conceive, one of the first tests my OB-GYN ordered was a sperm count analysis for hubs. It made sense to me because if his swimmers were not doing their share of the work, then that would be an easier problem to tackle. I mean, trying


How Do You Know if Your Family is Complete? (+ enter for a $500 handbag!) #Essure

It took a few years of trying to have our now 1 year old daughter and I know I'm not done having babies… yet. At least, we want to try for at least one more, possibly two. Having up to two was always something my husband and I agreed upon. It just


What Are My Options if I Can’t Conceive on My Own?

When we had trouble conceiving, I started to wonder about my options. Although I really wanted to have “my own” child, I wanted a child to call my own.  The reality that one may not be able to conceive is a hard one to swallow. I really started to think after 3


First Response Fertility Test for Pregnancy Potential #CleverTTC #Spon

Ahh. Trying to conceive. I've mentioned before that it took us 3 years of trying to conceive our daughter. Although we both underwent medical testing, we never used any home kits. I remember buying an ovulation kit but was terrified to use it. With my cycle being so unpredictable, it was yet