Because Prompts are Fun: The Cast of My Life

You guys, I have great news! There’s going to be a movie made of my life story and I get total control of the casting. No limits! Isn’t that fantastic?

Okay, so that’s not really happening but if it did…

Young childhood Darcy would be played by Soleil Moon Frye in her Punky Brewster days. Unless Rissa becomes a child star, then she could probably pull it off.

Teenage Darcy would be perfectly played by a young Ally Sheedy. Her look (not anything else) in The Breakfast Club fit a good portion of my teens. The other half could go to Jaime Pressly, I think?

Adult Darcy…hmm, Kristen Wiig or Tina Fey if they put on a few (several) pounds? I need to do some call backs before making my final decision on this one.

Tim Allen (especially from his Home Improvement days) would be absolutely perfect as my dad. And a dark haired Orlando Bloom (with goatee) to play Brian.

I tried to cast not only based on looks but also on ability to portray (and exaggerate) different parts of our personalities. I have no clue who could play Rissa yet. Not many child actors that would fit right now. I’ll keep my eye out for new talent in the baby department.

Who would you cast to play you in the starring role of your life?


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