Baby Likes To Rock Out

I have discovered that our little girl likes to rock out. The first time I felt movement was during our 3ish hour ride home from my parents' house Memorial Day weekend. Of course, we were listening to lots of rock and metal music. I mean, that's just the norm for us.

Those first movements startled me. I knew I'd never felt anything like that before! However, I was a bit nervous to conclude that it was, in fact, my little sweetpea movin' about. (I was about 17 weeks 4 days at that point.)  I mean, it was so faint… so brief… everyone describes those first movements (called quickening) as flutters. For me, it was more like a repetitive tapping… almost a pulsating feeling. It was slight and brief. Over the next few days, I would feel the same sensation in different areas of my lower abdomen a couple times a day.

It had to be her!

Now, about a month later, I can say with a smile that I've continued to feel her moving about. It's been quite the experience feeling this progress – her movements getting stronger and more frequent. Sometimes I think I feel her flipping or twisting about too.

I've noticed the most activity while I'm in the car, which I think is linked to music. She can also get quite active while my hubby and I play Rock Band. I'm usually on vocals, and it seems like she tends to move more when I'm singing – even in the car. I'm guessing partly because she can hear/feel my voice more now as her hearing develops.

Sometimes she moves about during our nightly walk, and that can feel very weird… feeling something alive, squirmy about in your tummy while you are trying to walk!

I think my hope for her to be a fan of similar music is promising. She seems to love lots of drumming.

So what bands have been playing when I notice the most activity?


Rob Zombie

Five Finger Death Punch

Now, just need to work on developing her love of my top 5 bands. I mean, I like these…. but… she needs to rock out to more bands!

Pic courtesy of Sue P @ flickr


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