Baby Forecast: Mostly Pink

We had an interesting time getting our ultrasound today. At first our child was being modest by covering her privates with her hands… but eventually those hands moved. The tech seemed pretty confident it was a girl, pointing out the dots and lines that form little girl parts.

So we're pretty excited! I bought the first couple girly outfits today. In the event this baby is born with an extra limb-like structure…. we do have enough neutral stuff to get us by for a bit!

What was amusing though, was this lil girl showed her stubborn side as well as her flexibility. She stayed in the same folded up position for over an hour! No amount of prodding with the ultrasound thingamabob, turning me on my sides, or walking around made a difference. She was bent in half with her feet over her head!

She'd wiggle and kick, but wouldn't flip or unfold. Sometimes her feet would be on her forehead, then her hands would be up there too… then she started playing with her feet.

It was adorable.

I can't wait to meet her!


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