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Comfort Nursing : My Life as a Human Pacifier

This week's breastfeeding topic is on comfort nursing, something I am all too familiar with! Something that sometimes I don't mind, but there are times it became overwhelming. What is comfort nursing? Comfort nursing is when baby is nursing for non-nutritive reasons. In other words, baby wants/needs to suck, they want to


Nizo Wear Nursing Bra Review

If you've been reading my weekly breastfeeding posts, you know I've talked about the importance of a good, supportive nursing bra. The main reason why I know one is needed? Because I've been lacking a good one. I had so-so options. I didn't buy any before giving birth, figuring I'd buy one


Swanson Health Products Review

About a month ago I received the opportunity to review products of my choosing from Swanson Health Products. In my quest to find more quality natural products to use that are affordable, I came across It was not easy for me to settle on the following seven items, but after lots


Baby Abuelita Productions Review

Today I'm happy to bring you a unique gift idea for new mothers, young children, and/or grandparents! (And a chance to win one!) I received the opportunity to work with Baby Abuelita Productions to review and giveaway one of their adorable dolls. Seriously, these are so cute. I'm excited to share them


My Hair is No Place For a Gray Area

Before I had Rissa, I indulged in salon services. I went there about every 6 weeks, alternating a trim with cut and color. I loved going there. See, I find quality places that aren't convenient or close to home. Well, ok, so the place I was going was near where I lived


Bummas Cloth Wipes Winner!

There were 312 entries into our Bummas giveaway! “And the winner is…” selected Anna – Congrats! I have sent you an email. Please respond within 48 hours or I'll have to select another winner. (Check that spam just in case!)


GroVia – All-in-Two – Cloth Diaper Review

I bought a couple GroVia shell sets when they were being discontinued – which meant I got them on sale! Woohoo! Anyway, I was a bit bummed to see the set be discontinued. You can still get the shells and soaker pad inserts, they just don't come together anymore. The GroVia system


I’m Trying to Be Future Friendly

I really am trying. I'd love to live a greener life, but that means too much change and too many upfront costs right now. Instead, I do what I can and try to be a little more future friendly when I can. I want a clean world for my daughter – a


5 Tips for Healthy Breast Care

So you've decided to offer your baby a great, healthy start by breastfeeding. You are thrilled that you won't have to fumble in the darkness making late night bottles. And cheers to less dishes to wash! But don't forget, you still need to take care of your breasts. Wear supportive bras. Avoid


Blogging Resource: Is Your Blog User Friendly?

Now that you've created a blog, it's important to ensure that it is user friendly for your readers. An easy to navigate site will increase the likelihood of retaining readers. Some of these tips may seem obvious, but unfortunately, I have encountered many blogs and websites that were not user friendly. I