Anatomy Ultrasound, Round 2

This morning we went in to finish the anatomy ultrasound. I asked babygirl nicely to cooperate with positioning while we were driving to the appointment. Thankfully, she listened.

This time she was head down (I thought I felt an increase in pressure in my lower abdomen!) and not quite as scrunched up. The tech said she was still a little scrunched up, but she was positioned better for getting the information they needed.

This was the same tech from two ultrasounds ago… around the 16 week mark… which is when I was referred to the Maternal Fetal Medicine Department of the hospital where I'll be delivering due to having gestational diabetes. (Boy, I still haven't gotten any posts written about that yet…. I need to hop to it.)

At the 16ish week ultrasound, they said my lil one was measuring a week ahead. They said it was probably due to higher blood sugar, since mine was not well controlled at that point. (It wasn't horribly out of control though either.)

At the 20 week ultrasound, they said she was where she should be for measurements and that a slight miscalculation when she was smaller can make a big difference.

THIS time, she was where she should be too! She weighed in at 1 lb 6 oz, had a heart rate of 155, and was in the 55th percentile for measurements. This means she is doing well and is measuring at average – where she should be. The doctor (I've seen a different one at each ultrasound so far! There's only one I haven't seen yet…) said that it was a sign that I was controlling the diabetes well.

It felt good to get some reassurance that I really am doing a good job with it. I mean, I am mindful of what I eat, taking my insulin, and recording my blood sugar levels, but it's nice to see that my baby is doing well and developing at a healthy rate. (Not controlling it can make baby grow too rapidly and make baby's pancreas have to work overtime to produce its own insulin to deal with the high glucose levels passing through the placenta. These are not healthy for baby at all.)

Besides her size being where it should be, they didn't see any medical concerns regarding development. Everything looked healthy. Of course, this is not 100% and I realize that after birth issues may be discovered or arise… but thank goodness for no major issues that can be spotted with ultrasounds!

So she's growing and quite active. We could see her moving, twisting, pushing out with her hands, and kicking her legs on the monitor. And I could feel plenty of that as well. She's packing quite the whallop behind her kicks and punches now! The tech said there was no question she is active – and man is she ever! It helps to reassure me that I can feel her daily.

I also asked the tech if it looked like she still had little girl parts. The tech took a look, her business was all out and visible again (no crossed legs or hands in the way). The tech said she still looked like a little girl. I joked that I wanted to make sure I didn't have to return the little dresses I bought for her… she told me to keep shopping! Woo hoo!

One thing about having a high risk pregnancy (gestational diabetes is considered high risk) is that there is a lot more monitoring done, which means more ultrasounds. I have another one in 5 weeks which is to check growth. That will be at the 28 week mark – the beginning of my 3rd trimester. Starting at 32 weeks, I'll have to go in twice a week for quick ultrasounds and non-stress testing to make sure the baby is doing ok.

Is all that monitoring expensive? You betcha.

Is all that monitoring worth it? Without a doubt.

This way, they can intervene to make sure baby arrives safely and healthy, if need be. There will be little room for me to worry that something might be wrong as we hit the home stretch. The only thing I'm concerned about with the twice a week appointments is juggling that with work… I don't want to take too much paid time off before her arrival since I want to apply my vacation and sick time towards my unpaid maternity leave… y'know, so I can have an almost normal paycheck throughout my 12 weeks home.

But, we'll just take it one day at a time.


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