An Ode To My Mother, On My First Mama’s Day

Today is Mother's Day.

Today is my first mother's day, but Mom, it's far from your first!

{Mom with baby Darcy}

I can't imagine how I changed your lives.

{Mom with baby Darcy}

I can barely believe how Riss has changed ours.

{Mama Darcy with baby Aerissa}

I know we haven't always seen eye to eye. We haven't always gotten along.

I suspect I'll have my hands full as my daughter – your granddaughter – grows.

But for now, today, we can enjoy knowing we are loved… as Mom.

Today I just want you to know that I love you and respect you – as a mom and as a woman.

Without the love of you and Dad, I wouldn't be here today.

{Dad, Mom, and baby Darcy}

I wouldn't get to experience the love of my husband and daughter.

Being a Mom and sharing that with you means more to me than I can express. (So I'll let Rissa do it for me!)

{Mom's #1}

{Isn't it crazy how much I look like my mom, and Rissa looks like me?!}


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