A Look At The Growing Belly Of The Second Trimester

Recently I've heard more comments about the size of my baby bump and have been catching more people staring at it too. This makes me happy to know I'm showing more and it's more obvious that I'm preggo and not just fat! When I got dressed on Saturday to go to a family picnic for my hubby's side of the family – I was a little surprised by my profile in my full length mirror. And as you look through the pictures below, you'll see why… within 2 weeks my belly REALLY grew! (It's also interesting to note how different my belly can look depending on what I'm wearing…)

Warning – The perfectly round preggo belly will not be found here (and really seems to be more of a rarity from what I've been hearing from other moms).

May 30th – 16 weeks 4 days

That full belly panel makes maternity pants more comfy, but it can make me feel even warmer in humid summer weather.

June 20th – 19 weeks 4 days

A rare bare belly photo opp!

July 4th – 21 weeks 4 days

Yes, I know… those jean capris are practically pants on my short legs.

July 13th – 22 weeks 6 days

The only self-portrait baby bump pic, otherwise Brian has been my belly photographer. (And I really love that top!)

July 18th – 23 weeks 4 days

Preggy lounge wear – oh so comfy!

July 31st – 25 weeks 3 days

Yes, I am actually wearing a dress! (Those of you that know me well know I'm typically not a dress wearer. But they are very comfy with this belly….)

Seriously looking between the last two photos there was quite a bit of growin' goin' on in a short period of time!

It'll be fun to track the belly growth of the third trimester now!


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