Monthly Archive:: June 2010


Baby Likes To Rock Out

I have discovered that our little girl likes to rock out. The first time I felt movement was during our 3ish hour ride home from my parents’ house Memorial Day weekend. Of course, we were listening to lots of rock and metal music. I mean, that’s just the norm for us. Those


Baby Forecast: Mostly Pink

We had an interesting time getting our ultrasound today. At first our child was being modest by covering her privates with her hands… but eventually those hands moved. The tech seemed pretty confident it was a girl, pointing out the dots and lines that form little girl parts. So we’re pretty excited!


Halfway, Baby!

Today marks 20 weeks, so we are halfway to the estimated arrival date. Woohoo! I can hardly believe there’s only 20 weeks left. I mean, I’m barely showing, for one (in my opinion anyway… I don’t have that obviously round preggo belly). And there’s so much to do yet! To-Do-Yet List: Crochet


Baby’s First Piece Of Furniture

We continue to make headway in our quest to prepare the nursery. The room is almost (almost!) completely cleared of non-baby items and we were able to get rid of the futon today. That was taking up a lot of space. So, we finally got to put together the bassinet that my


I Wonder. . .

I wonder what you will be like when you join us. Will you look more like your mommy or daddy? Will you like the same things we do: music, hobbies, sports? Or will you open up our worlds to new interests and activities? Who will you cry out for when you wake


Baby Practice: Diapering Cats

There were two girls I used to care for a lot back in the day. The first girl, I started watching soon after I was Red Cross Certified and she was a toddler. Then, when her sister was born, it was kinda cool watching them as they grew…. I was their primary


Feeling 75% Pregnant

When I first found out I was pregnant, I was thrilled…. but didn’t feel pregnant. Only sick, sore, and tired. Ok, so I felt a little bit pregnant. As I’m progressing into the 2nd trimester (we’re approaching 18 weeks in a couple days!) I’m beginning to feel more pregnant, which is a


Making A Baby Registry Is Work!

I remember when I made our wedding registry, it was lots of fun. Finding cool looking household items and whatnot…. and if we didn’t receive half the stuff it was no big deal. That is not the case with a baby registry… especially for the first child (and you don’t have much


Baby’s First Letter

Dear Baby-on-the-way, Your presence has become more well known to me as I feel you moving around. Little bumps, pokes, ‘n prods that sometimes take me by surprise, yet comfort me. Lots of change has happened already as we anticipate your arrival later this year. Some of those changes have been uncomfortable

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