Valentines for My 7 Favorite Celebrities

I thought about writing a love letter to my iPhone today then thought that was a little weird.  I’d write one to my blog but then I’d essentially be writing the letter to myself – also weird.  Instead I chose the more stalkerish route and decided to share which 7 celebrities I want to have as my valentine… you know, if I wasn’t married.  (Though I think at least one of these guys would be a pass, right hun?)  Hey, he gets my love 364 days a year, why can’t I rent my heart out for just one day to a bunch of celebrities?

What? Don’t look at me like that!  He knows I loves him very much!  (Just blame Mama Kat’s writer’s workshop for today’s post if you don’t like it, mkay?)

Valentines for my celebrity crushes:

vday cusack

vday sully
vday kit

vday loki

vday vin diesel

vday chris

 vday cory

 I hope you can catch all the references… well Tom’s is not as obvious because I couldn’t think of a better way to show my love for a bad boy (Loki).  But just in case… in the movie Say Anything, John Cusack held a boombox over his head outside a girl’s bedroom playing a Peter Gabriel song.  Sully is the lead singer of Godsmack, which has a song “I Stand Alone.”  Kit plays Jon Snow in Game of Thrones where he helps to guard the far north in a very cold place.  Vin Diesel was in the movies Pitch Black and Fast and Furious.  I thought mentioning Triple X might go too far in his card.  Chris plays Thor.  I wanted to mention the magic hammer.  And las but not least, Cory plays Finn on Glee who is a fan of singing Journey.

Who in show business would you send a Valentine card to?


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