Tales From the Nursery

Tales From the Nursery: The Toddler Years

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Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Never Land Adventure

We received the new Jake and the Never Land Pirates DVD to review. Since the whole Viacom / Netflix fiasco a few months ago, Rissa has added some new show favorites to her viewing list. When

Dreamworks How To Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular Coming to #Milwaukee #DragonsLive

Several months ago I got really excited to see that Dreamworks How To Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular would be coming to Milwaukee in October – and it’s almost here! This one of a kind show, featuring fire breathing dragons of

What DisneyNature’s Chimpanzee Taught Me About Family

My daughter was excited to watch monkeys on the television at home.  She had a much better view with DisneyNature’s Chimpanzee than she gets at the zoo.  She giggled in delight at Oscar’s antics

Push Present Ideas for New Moms: Jewelry From Juno Lucina

Have you ever heard of a push present or a push gift?  I hadn’t until recently when I was contacted by Juno Lucina asking if I was interested in working with them.  Admittedly I

Nothing Sexier Than a Husband Who Cleans the Floors

I was going to specify “carpet” in the title but didn’t want everyone’s mind in the gutter.  Except.. now it is, isn’t it?  That’s okay, I’ll wash it off with my new Hoover Max

How I Keep My Bathroom Clean(er) With the Push of a Button

I don’t know about you, but the room I dislike cleaning the most is the bathroom.  My kitchen is a close second, especially with my pregnancy super nose.  The odors in either room get

Get Your Laugh On With the Fisher-Price Giggle Gang Plush Toys

The other day I shared how I find my daughter’s laugh to be magical.  Since she’s my baby girl, I adore her giggle, but really I love all baby and toddler giggles.  I used to

Father’s Day & Graduation Gift Idea: Linksys EA2700 Wireless Router #fathersday #graduation

Over the years we have been pretty brand loyal to Linksys for routers, though my dad did stray once or twice based on a sale.  Homes are getting more and more connected these days

Father’s Day Gift Ideas: Does Your Daughter Have Dad Hair? {Book Review}

Dad’s love their little princesses.  The father-daughter relationship is quite a special one.  I know, because I’m close with my father.  He got to be the one to do all sorts of awkward things

TOYconomy ~ Toy Rental Service Review

[UPDATE: They’ve gone out of business] With many families having less disposable income these days, it’s no wonder that we look for ways to save money on toys! Kids grow fast and toys are expensive.

Launch Kit for New Dads Review

You might be asking yourself how a kit for new dad’s is a present for mom… well, a prepared, knowledgable, and resourceful dad is a great help to mom! Especially a new mom.  My

Mothers Day Gift Idea: Emily’s Block Party Review

When I started to gather ideas for putting this event together, I came across Emily’s Block Party on Facebook.  I thought the photo cubes and puzzles were fun and creative.  I also thought

Proflowers Review {I Love My Mommy Event Sponsor}

The best part about spring? Flowers.  Definitely the flowers. Flowers are a great way to brighten up my day, my hubby knows this.  (I did have to forewarn him that I was receiving review flowers

Prefense Hand Sanitizer Review

One of my diaper bag “must haves” is hand sanitizer.  I used to try and keep some in my car or purse, but now it has to be in the diaper bag!  You just

Wool Dryer Balls Review

I have been wanting to try wool dryer balls since I switched to cloth diapers.  I’ve tried to win them by entering giveaways.  I was uncertain of buying them since I’d also read some

Nizo Wear Nursing Bra Review

If you’ve been reading my weekly breastfeeding posts, you know I’ve talked about the importance of a good, supportive nursing bra.  The main reason why I know one is needed? Because I’ve been lacking

Swanson Health Products Review

About a month ago I received the opportunity to review products of my choosing from Swanson Health Products.  In my quest to find more quality natural products to use that are affordable, I came

Baby Abuelita Productions Review

Today I’m happy to bring you a unique gift idea for new mothers, young children, and/or grandparents! (And a chance to win one!) I received the opportunity to work with Baby Abuelita Productions to

GroVia – All-in-Two – Cloth Diaper Review

I bought a couple GroVia shell sets when they were being discontinued – which meant I got them on sale! Woohoo!  Anyway, I was a bit bummed to see the set be discontinued.  You

Healthier Baking With Olive Oil {A Cookbook Review}

I’ve mentioned before that I am trying to work on healthier eating.  This used to mean dieting and no dessert to me.  Well, that just set me up to fail every.single.time.  There’s got to