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Pregnancy Journal: Due Date Edition

Today I am officially 40 weeks preggers. It is baby boy’s due date…a date I didn’t think I’d reach with him still inside. Only like 3-5% of babies are born ON their due dates, but I seriously thought I’d be home with him by now! This belly is heavy. This is the


Pregnancy Journal: 39 Weeks and STILL Pregnant

When one of my pregnancy apps congratulated me on reaching my 39th week of pregnancy on Thursday, I was surprised.  When I opened it up to read about “this week in pregnancy” and it said You are probably feeling eager, anxious and restless I was like… um YES! HOW DID YOU KNOW?


Pregnancy Journal: 38 Weeks and waiting…

It’s time for the waiting game now that I’m 38 weeks and 2 days along.  Baby boy was considered at full term last week, but now we are getting into the normal birth range.. and closer to the timing if when I had Rissa (in terms of gestational age).  He can really


ANNOUNCEMENT: The Final {Baby} Countdown

*This is a sticky post.  Scroll down to see new ones, please!* [UPDATE 12/9/12] Our son arrived on 12/8/12! I wanted to give you all a quick update.  If you’ve been following along with my pregnancy updates, then you know that I’m due with our second child on 12/6/12.  Based on my


Pregnancy Journal: 37 Weeks, A Birth Plan, and a Doula, Oh My!

Wow, here we are at 37 weeks. We are nearing the end of my pregnancy, my friends. At this point baby could literally come at any time. Never know what pregnancy journal will be my last! We just got a DSLR camera so you’ll start to see better quality pics around here.


A Letter to Baby #2

Dear Baby Z, I’m sorry we haven’t gotten much time to just sit and chat.  It was something I was able to do with your sister each day as I drove to work, but you and I haven’t had much alone time.  It almost seems unfair that you’ll never get the experience


Pregnancy Journal: 36 Weeks and Starting to Make Progress!

At the end I’m finally getting a D belly! I’ve always wanted that basketball look. And wow I barely fit against that chunk of wall anymore LOL! Things are moving and shaking as we approach the due date. I certainly can’t sit or lay down very easily without wondering if I’ll be


Pregnancy Journal: 35 Weeks… It’s Really Happening!

This is me yesterday morning before heading to Chicago for Bloggy Boot Camp. I may feel limited in some of my activities at this point in my pregnancy but I am determined to work up until I give birth just like I did with my daughter. Of course, my work now is


Pregnancy Journal: Week 34 and the Doula Decision

While I sometimes forget just how pregnant I am, my body keeps reminding me. It’s tough to go up and down stairs and is very uncomfortable to carry Rissa. It even hurts to try and tighten her car seat straps. Too much pressure, pulling and straining! I mean, I know my baby


Pregnancy Journal: 33 Weeks & Why Nonstress Tests are Stressful

This week I started my nonstress tests (NSTs). I’ll be having them twice a week until baby boy gets here. It’s part of being considered a high risk pregnancy. NSTs are a mixed bag though. All strapped in and ready to go! When I was pregnant with Rissa, the first couple NSTs


Pregnancy Journal: 32 Weeks!

As we get into the final weeks, I get poked and prodded even more due to being “high risk” thanks to my gestational diabetes. Even my daughter wants to check on the baby! I can’t count on her stethoscope though unless I want to believe we really are hearing frogs in there.


Pregnancy Journal: 31 Weeks!

Each week brings a little bit more excitement and panic at the same time. Even though I’ve “been there, done that” it’s still a little scary thinking about being responsible for two little ones. I can’t wait, but you know… I just hope to be the best mom I can for both


Pregnancy Journal: 30 Weeks and Still Nursing

Wow. 30 weeks. That means this kid will be here in 8-10 weeks. Rissa’s birthday is in about 4 weeks. The heat is on! (Tell me can you feel it?) And to make up for no updated bump pic last week here’s two! These were taken on the same day this week


Pregnancy Journal: 29 Weeks!

Another week closer!  Well, I’m happy to say that whatever is going on with my pelvic discomfort – it has not worsened!  In fact, it is feeling better.  I’m not sure how or why, but I’m less concerned now.  It feels better than when I first told you about it, so hey,


Pregnancy Journal: 28 Weeks

The baby bump is becoming more obvious. And in the way. I can’t tell you how many times a day I run into something with it! I’ve only gained a pound and a half, but baby boy weighs around 2lbs according to recent ultrasound measurements. With my daughter I gained a total


Pregnancy Journal: 27 Weeks But Why Does My Crotch Hurt?

Pregnancy brain is getting me more and more which is made clear when I go to write my pregnancy journal update yet I forget to have a bump picture taken. I’m getting more vain about them too so if it’s bad lighting I won’t even ask Brian. I’m pregnant, not fat! Okay


Pregnancy Journal: 26 Weeks!

Well we’ve made it to 26 weeks along and the third trimester is right around the corner. I can tell too, because I’ve had a few early nights this past week. At first I thought it was just catching up from my trip to LA, but I no longer think that is


Pregnancy Journal: Week 25!

One more week closer! This past week flew by with my trip to LA. Boy, travel is extra draining while preggo. And what is with people (especially on planes) expecting me to suck it in to get around them in the aisle to go to the bathroom? Dude, I can’t suck in


Pregnancy Journal: 24 Weeks Already?

It didn’t really hit me how soon my baby will be here until the other day. 24 weeks isn’t quite the home stretch yet, but I’m only a few weeks away from starting the third trimester. Last time that part of my pregnancy seemed to FLY BY. I was so busy with


Pregnancy Journal: 23 Weeks!

Rissa is too sweet and gives the “baby” hugs and kisses. It’s hard to get a picture of her doing this with my bump but it’s adorable. However she’s not understanding that she can’t be climbing my bump! Knees and elbows and too much pressure smooshing down hurts! I tried to hold