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Iron Man, Thor, and The Avengers Oh My!

A few days ago I was looking through posts from a year ago.  Last April was super exciting… it’s when we discovered we were expecting Baby X and I was headed to New York City for the first time. It’s been an eventful year! I’ll never forget my experience attending the Tribeca


Laughs and Lessons in Parental Guidance [Movie]

We recently enjoyed a family movie night with a review copy of Parental Guidance (which is rated PG) while visiting my parents for the weekend.  So there we were, modern parents with grandparents watching this family comedy together. The “Other” Grandparents In Parental Guidance, Alice (Marisa Tomei) and her husband Phil need to go


15 Hilariously Quotable Movies [Because Prompts are Fun]

If you haven’t guessed, I like the funny. We are huge fans of comedies. Sure, we watch other stuff too, but our most watched and rewatched movies are funny ones.  The following list is based purely on which movies came to my head first for having so many great quotable lines.  It’s


Finding Nemo Sequel “Finding Dory” Coming in 2015!

I’ve often wondered about Dory’s backstory.  I mean, how did she come to be? Was she always so forgetful? I remember once while watching the Ellen Show that she joked about waiting for an e-mail asking her to be part of a sequel. I wonder how much she knew then? I never


Free Printable Activities for Kids: Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph and Oz the Great and Powerful

It’s an exciting week with the release of Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph on Bluray/DVD on March 5, 2013, and Disney’s Oz the Great and Powerful blowing into theaters on March 8, 2013.  That’s a whole lot of ground shaking excitement right there!  We attended a screening for Oz on Monday, so be sure


Because Prompts are Fun: The Cast of My Life

You guys, I have great news! There’s going to be a movie made of my life story and I get total control of the casting. No limits! Isn’t that fantastic? Okay, so that’s not really happening but if it did… Young childhood Darcy would be played by Soleil Moon Frye in her


J.J. Abrams to Direct Star Wars: Episode VII!

Growing up I associated Disney with family movies, classic animated tales, and amusement parks. Somewhere along the way it became more about the princesses but the mouse was still prominent. Last year the unleashed superheroes to record breaking heights. Then something truly epic happened. Walt Disney Studios bought LucasFilms. I was shocked…but


10 Funny Christmas Movies

There are lots of Christmas themed movies, some are funny and others are tear jerkers. We are big fans of comedies so we tend to prefer funny Christmas movies. Here are some of our favorites: 10 Funny Holiday Movies 1 – Elf – Will Farrell dressed as an elf for over an


Bring the Odd Life of Timothy Green into Your Home

One of my favorite family movies of the year is hands down The Odd Life of Timothy Green. There is so much I like about the story, the characters, and the cast that I feel like Timothy has become part of our family. Not literally, but in an inspiring touching sort of


Cinderella’s Story Continues in Cinderella II & III

Being such a fan of Cinderella, I really hate to admit that I did not know there were sequels made!  I know oftentimes subsequent movies are not as widely known or popular, but I’ve always wondered about life after the wedding.  I mean, we know Cinderella became a princess, but that’s where


My 13 Top Scary Halloween Movies

I love Halloween and actually like scary movies.  I don’t care for movies that are just gory for the sake of being gory though (like all those Saw sequels).  The ones that get me the most are more psychological thrillers.  Some of these movies terrify me, but I’ll watch them anyway!  And


How to Pre-Order Men in Black 3 & Watch it on Vudu Before Release Day! #SEEMIB3

Having seen the first two MIBs and being a fan of Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, I’m definitely looking forward to the seeing Men in Black 3.  It’s hard to believe how long it has been since the first movie came out, but I can’t NOT watch it.  I need to know


10 Upcoming Movie & Blu-ray/DVD Releases We Are Excited About!

It’s that time of year where lots of really good movies hit the theaters and are released on blu-ray and DVD for in home entertainment. Why now? Because the holidays are coming, baby! Anyway, I thought I’d share with you the movies we are excited about – hopefully we can squee together


Disney Movie Marathon With Mice, Cats, Tigger and More on Bluray!

 Would you believe me if I told you we love Disney movies?  Okay, so maybe that’s a silly question.  There are lots of families that are Disney fans and one of the fun parts of this is to collect their movies.  Sometimes I get frustrated with the titles going into The Vault but


6 Disney Movies Released Today to Add to Your Collection!

We love Disney movies and have been building our collection for years.  It’s amazing just how many films there are and I love sharing the classics with my daughter!  Today, August 21st, several titles are being released on Bluray combo packs that you won’t want to miss! Aristocats Order on Amazon The


Why I Think The Odd Life of Timothy Green is a Magical Movie #TimothyGreen

When I screened Disney’s The Odd Life of Timothy Green while in New York in April, I really didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t know much about it beforehand, only that it was a family movie with a kid growing leaves out of his legs. By the end of the film


Family Friendly Activities in Ozaukee County This Weekend 7/14-7/15

Looking for something to do this weekend?  Here are a few ideas of family friendly activities in Ozaukee County. Saturday, July 14, 2012 Cedarburg Annual Garden Walk hosted by the Cedarburg Woman’s Club. Time: 9am-4pm Rain or Shine Cost: $8 in advance (available at Olsen’s Piggly Wiggly, Cornerstone Community bank, Grafton Great


Witch’s Magical Mystery Brew – Brave Clip

It’s almost time for Disney/Pixar’s BRAVE to hit theaters on June 22, 2012!  I can’t wait to get a date night to go see it (hopefully in 3D) because it looks good! Pixar, of course, comes up with hilarious shorts and trailers and I like this “commercial” for Witch’s Magical Mystery Brew. 


Thomas & Friends: Engine Friends 2 Disc DVD Set Review

Thomas & Friends: Engine Friends Release Date: May 15, 2012 Engine Friends, the latest Thomas and Friends DVD is a 2-disc set that tells us how the Steam Team first came together. Ever wonder how Percy became Thomas’ best friend or why every engine tries to be really useful? This DVD will


The Odd Life of Timothy Green – New Trailer!

I was able to screen The Odd Life of Timothy Green while I was in NYC for The Avengers Event.  I can’t wait until I can share more of my thoughts about this movie with all of you (as well as the fun chat we had with the director, Peter Hedges, after viewing