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Sponsored: 5 Ways to Reassure a New Mom (or Any Mom!)

Disclosure: I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for JOHNSON’s Baby. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating. There are moments when we all second guess our parenting and could use some reassurance that we aren’t messing our kids up.  As moms we try hard to keep our


Sponsored: What I Love About Motherhood #MagistoMoms

Disclosure: I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Magisto. I received a promotional code for premium features to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating. Despite the frustrations and stress that come with motherhood, I really do love being a mom. 


Project Playroom: Using Labels for Storage Organization

It’s exciting that we are finally working on our playroom project and mission to get organized; however, it is not moving very fast yet.  Rissa and I are both super excited for this new space.  She likes to go down and look at “her house.”  I am envisioning a space for all


Project Playroom and My Mission to Organize

Papers, toys, clothes – everywhere.  You get fed up one day, sort it all out and reclaim your house.  A couple weeks later it looks like everything exploded again.  Sound familiar?  Yeah, it does to me too.  I can’t tell you how many times Brian and I have “cleaned up” and organized things


Tips for Minimizing the Spread of Germs Among Children #RSVPrevention

Kids…they are germy.  It seems to be a fact of life since they tend to lack good hygiene skills and spend a lot of time around other children and sharing things. It is estimated that 82% of U.S. children aged six weeks to six years old, spend some amount of time in child


3 Tips for Taking Better Baby Photos

So, you all know I have a new baby, right? And… I like to take pictures of him and his never-stop-moving older sister. Rissa’s baby pictures were pretty much all taken on my smartphone. Her really young days were taken with a pretty crappy camera phone – they are so grainy! I


Holiday Entertaining Savings and Tips

Holiday parties, while fun, can get expensive.  We don’t host Thanksgiving or Christmas (yet) but I see the amount of food and drink required and know it’s costly.  Goodness, I think shopping for my daughter’s birthday party gets expensive!  We usually take or make something when another family member is hosting which


If I Could End Dust Once and For All….

Besides cleaning the bathroom, my least favorite chore is dusting. It’s so tedious and time consuming. Oh, and let’s not forget sneeze inducing! I always want to cheat by dusting around things, but it tends to bite me in the butt later. Knickknacks equal a whole lotta dusting… I used to work


Protect Babies From RSV This Holiday Season #ProtectPreemies #RSV

World Prematurity Day was November 17th, a day to help raise preemie awareness to everyone, especially expectant mothers.  It’s very important because 13 million babies are born each year and prematurity is the leading cause of neonatal death.  That’s scary and mostly due to new parents not understanding the delicate health needs


6 Tips to Save Your Sanity While Holiday Shopping

We are now into the busiest shopping time of the year: the holiday shopping season.  There are so many more people out in the stores now searching for gifts that, yes, it is actually considered a season of its own!  Once upon a time I liked browsing in store to shop, but


A Few of My Favorite Small Businesses #SmallBizSat

We’ve talked about why small businesses are important to me and why local businesses are essential to where I live.  Now I want to get into the shopping spirit!  I’m not a Black Friday shopper, but this weekend I’ll be out for Small Business Saturday.  And I may or may not shop


Taming Wild Messes

I swear my house was never this messy until I became a mom.  From the day Rissa came home, she has helped to generate more messes and trash than I thought possible.  It was even worse when we were using disposable diapers in her newborn days.  Our trash literally DOUBLED until I switched to


Small Businesses are Essential for Our Downtown Area #SmallBizSat

As I mentioned previously, the main downtown area in the city I live in (hello suburbia!) is full of small local shops.  This is where we hold a variety of festivals throughout the year, such as Strawberry Fest.  I can’t imagine what it’d be like around here if these shops didn’t exist.


I’d Like Potatoes With That Please (+ Giveaway)

When most people think of Wisconsin they think of cheese, beer and brats. While those are part of our state’s culture, there’s even more to us than that! Wisconsin also produces a lot of cranberries and potatoes. Speaking of potatoes, there are four McCain Foods manufacturing plants in Wisconsin – that’s more


The Importance of Shopping at Small Businesses #SmallBizSat

I confess, I like to shop online.  It tends to be a convenience thing for me, but I’m also able to access a wide variety of specialty shops that I don’t have access to locally.  With the holiday shopping season coming up, it’s important to remember those small businesses.  There’s even a


Do You Get Overwhelmed by Supplement Options? @WannaBeWell

I try to eat relatively healthy but I know I don’t always get all the nutrition I should from my food which is why my family uses supplements.  Before we started having kids, my husband and I both took a multivitamin.  Once we were trying to conceive I switched to a prenatal


Savings With the Scott Shared Values Program

The Scott brand is pretty well known when it comes to paper products. I’d say I’m most familiar with their paper towels. As green as I try to get, I still haven’t been able to replace disposable paper products completely from my home. I definitely prefer to use paper towels in the


For the Love of My Teeth and Gums #CrestSponsored

I’ve previously shared with you that I didn’t have access to proper dental care when I was growing up.  As I’ve gotten older, wiser, and a card carrying dental health plan member, I’ve taken the care of my teeth and gums more seriously.  That’s not to say I’m perfect with my daily


Party and Event Highlights From My Time in NYC for BlogHer ’12

I want to first say that the parties and events I’m going to talk about were not official conference activities. They occurred off site while I was at the conference, but they were not associated or affiliated with the BlogHer ’12 conference in anyway. It’s been a month since I returned from


Why I Let My Toddler Get Her Hands Dirty

Sometimes I cringe when Rissa reaches out to touch something because I know how gross or germy it may be, but she has no clue… like that time she picked up a hairball from one of our cats.  I found out if I freak out, she gets scared.  Not exactly the way