Tales From the Nursery

Tales From the Nursery: The Toddler Years

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And Then Xander Turned Two

  My dear sweet little boy turns two today! I wasn’t quite sure I could handle being a mom of two until he entered my world. He’s funny, sweet, and laid back. He absolutely LOVES

Xander’s 10 Month Baby Update!

What? 10 months? That was so 3 weeks ago. Yes, yes, we are quickly approaching the 11th month mark already. Sadly, I don’t have as many pictures and video clips to share. Since I’ve

9 month old boy

Xander’s 9 Month Baby Update!

This is when babies get really fun. I remember loving this age with my daughter and being amazed at how her development seemed to explode as she neared 12 months. Xander has always been

And then… she took off her sandals

Ever since Rissa was a baby it has been impossible to keep socks on her for very long.  She used to kick them off, now she yanks them off as soon as her shoes

6 Month Baby Update [VIDEO]

Hey! It’s great to see you today.  Summer colds are no fun, yet they’ve invaded my home.  It’s been circulating through our family and lingering.  No fun, but I took enough sick days from posting

How the BuckleyBoo Toy Helps Toddlers Practice Matching and Fine Motor Skills

This is BuckleyBoo, a developmental toy available at Imagine Toys.  When we were offered the opportunity to review him my initial thought was I don’t want her to master buckles yet!  But then my

Magical Moments With Laughter #TimothyGreen

I’ve enjoyed a lot of firsts with my daughter. All are special in their own way, but only one is like music to my ears – her laugh. Once she started laughing, we started

The Mommy Mindset: Thoughts on Baby’s First Haircut!

Mary: I wish I would have prepared six year old better for his first hair cut. It was a disaster! He is sensitive to loud noises so the the sound of clippers next to

The Mommy Mindset: Baby Talk and Language Development

We can’t help but compare our kids sometimes, but sometimes we get a little too caught up in the “should bes,” I think.  This week we discuss language development. Thank You for participating this week:

Preserving Memories With Once Upon a Family {Baby Keepsakes Review}

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how awesome it is to have a baby enter your life. I’ve heard time and time again how kids grow up so fast and to

LiveOn ~ Preserving Memories Online #CleverLiveOn #spon

Thank you to LiveOn for this sponsored opportunity to blog about storing and sharing my most important memories with those closest to me. Although story ideas were provided, all thoughts and opinions are my

Breastfeeding Milestones: The Golden Boobies Award

I previously posted about the breastfeeding milestone awards. These are like golden star stickers for breastfeeding mamas (or banana stickers if you are Dethklok). They are not meant to make anyone feel

Rissa’s Halloween Birthday Party Recap

Last weekend my baby turned one and we had a fun party! I wish you all could have been there. Well, okay, maybe not. It was already a tight fit with all our guests.

She’s Walking!

For months, Rissa has been cruisin’ along the furniture. Shortly after she began pulling herself up to a standing position she was cruising and climbing. It seems like only a few short days

So Big! Nine Month Well Baby Checkup

Rissa’s nine month appointment was a couple weeks ago.  I think I say this with each So Big! update, but I can NOT believe she is nine months old!  It was a relief not

My Baby is Cruising!

Just a few weeks ago, Rissa started crawling forward. Now, this little girl can zoom around the living room like nobody’s business! She’s fast! Plus she’s pulling herself up on anything a few

Watching Baby Play

The other day I was stressed out and feeling a little low so I did what needed to be done…. I stepped back and enjoyed my daughter. I play with her everyday but

A New Breakthrough! A Tooth!

It’s finally here.  My baby has her first tooth! She won’t let me take a picture of it.  She clamps her mouth shut and pushes away my hands.  Doesn’t she know that I need it

Learning to Crawl

Yep. It’s happening. She doesn’t quite have the move-one-hand-forward-pull-and-move-opposite-knee-forward basics down yet, but baby is learning to crawl. She’s really quite fascinating to watch. Well, now that she’s more creative in her movement. It