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Sweet Summer Memories: Strawberry Picking

I love strawberries. Their vibrant red color, their fresh scent, and the taste as of sweet and tart as I sink my teeth into a juicy one. If I had to pick a favorite fruit, strawberry would be it. My kids enjoy strawberries too… most of the time. They go on odd


Getting Real About Issues With Food, Weight and Habits

Do you struggle to create habits that stick? Or feel lost on how to live more healthy?  Me too. I almost feel silly to bring this up again.  I mean, I’ve told you before how I’ve struggled with my weight and self-image for years.  I’ve discussed why I want to be healthy


Foods of My Childhood [Because Prompts are Fun]

Do you ever look back at some of the things you ate as a child and wonder how you loved it? Or maybe you like something now that you loathed as a tot? Sometimes I wonder what happened.  I know I used to eat more veggies.  I have memories of it!  As


Because Prompts are Fun #15 – Food!

Doing so much reading and buying of books to read and moving that pile of books around really works up an appetite.  Okay, maybe not, but I panicked when I tried to segue between last week’s theme and this week. Anyway, as the weather (finally!) warms up we start gearing up for


Because Prompts are Fun: 20 of My Guilty Pleasures

Being a mom I am teeming with guilt: mom guilt, wife guilt, education guilt, food guilt… It never ends! Heck, yesterday evening I was supposed to leave hubs with the kids for a couple hours while I checked out a local girls night out event. I was looking forward to it but


Fall Family Traditions: Pumpkin Farm, Leaf Piles, and Hearty Food #MealsTogether

The other day I shared my 10 favorite things about fall so it may not surprise you that a few of those things have become fall family traditions. When I was little, I don’t think we really had fall traditions. I mean, I remember going trick or treating, handing out candy on


Fun With Matching: Elefun Snackin’ Safari Game by Hasbro

One thing I admire about Hasbro is their inventiveness and ability to create unique and fun games.  One of their newest games is geared toward toddlers and preschoolers ages 3 and up.  While my daughter is only almost 2 years old, I knew she would want to try Elefun Snackin’ Safari (Amazon affiliate


Yoplait Trix Yogurt Adds Healthy Color to Snack Time

I’ve mentioned before how I’ve struggled with my weight and self-image throughout my life.  It’s a shame, but the two really do tie together for me; however, I’m trying to turn that into a positive now.  It’s important to me to help my children establish healthy eating habits.  Doing this requires me


Win Snikiddy Products & a $25 Grocery Gift Card! (US) Ends 6/22

Snikiddy snack products have my seal of approval and are now one of my go-to quick and easy healthy snack options for my toddler and myself.  They are also great for packing up and taking along on road trips and outings.  I’ve been trying to keep a container of the Cheese Puffs


Trick or Treat: Mini Biscottis & Grab & Go Pringles Review

The Trick or Treat Halloween Hop will be here 10/28 to 11/2, so be sure to come back and enter!  You can see some of the wonderful prize sponsors for the participating blogs here.  Now, please take a moment to get to know one of our sponsors: Pringles and Nonni’s  


M&M’s Candy Corn White Chocolate Candies Giveaway! #Halloween #Food (US) CLOSED

Have you tried these candy corn M&M’s yet?  They are sooo yummy and smell divine!  They are exclusive to Walmart and I hear it’s hard for some people to get them so… I thought I’d offer you a pre-Trick-or-Treat prize.  I want you to get these before Halloween so you can make


King Arthur Flour Perfect Pizza Blend Recipe Review

I loooove pizza. I’m even getting less picky about my toppings these days (and thus, expanding my horizons). I like ’em frozen, take ‘n bake, fast food, parlor, and from scratch. I have preferences, sure. A great pizza starts with a great foundation. If the dough isn’t very good, it throws the


What’s On Your Sandwich? #CBias

I recently went shopping for lunch meat at Walmart’s Supercenter.  I’m thinking we do need to start grocery shopping at Walmart more often.  It’s crazy how much cheaper stuff is there than our grocery stores nearby.  I mean, I want to support those stores, but they are chains too… why such a


Quiznos Free Sub Coupon Deal

Treat yourself to a lunch date! Quiznos 30th Anniversary Toasty Savings – Print All 4 Coupons! – Free Sub of Equal or less Value with the purchase of Any Sub and 2 Regular fountain drinks – Free Combo with purchase of Sub – 50% off any sub with purchase of a Fountain


Tropical Traditions Coconut Peanut Butter Review & #Giveaway (Closed)

You know I love peanut butter, right?  Some of you know this.  I love it so much I ate more than 15lbs of it while pregnant!  Can you believe that?  It’s seriously one food I couldn’t live without.  Previously when I reviewed the coconut oil from Tropical Traditions, I shared the breakfast


Pledge to Snack Simply with Bagel Bites (and #Giveaway) ~ Closed

Do you ever have days where you just feel like grazing?  You know, days where you are content to snack throughout the day without necessarily having three full meals?  We get days like those at our house.  It’s typically in conjunction with a larger gathering like a big football game party or


Gorton’s Grilled Seafood Review & #Giveaway (Closed)

Gorton’s has done it again! They are hosting 100 Days of Sizzle in honor of their GRILLED seafood which are perfect for summer!   Ahoy! Got your Sizzle on? Gorton’s Seafood does! Just check out our newest, sunniest, hot-off-the-grill-iest promotion! Please help us spread the word about our summer event: Gorton’s GRILLED Seafood 100 Days


Have You Tried Fruit Simple? #FruitSimple

I love juice, though I’ve learned it’s not quite as healthy for me as I once thought.  Having gestational diabetes while pregnant with Rissa opened my eyes up to just how much sugar and carbohydrates I consume on a regular basis.  I still love sugar and carbs, but I never thought much


Father’s Day Gift Guide: Cowboy Food {Cookbook Review} #win4dad

Most dads love grillin’ and good, hearty foods. Chili. It’s such a man’s food, right? Definitely was a popular and practical choice for cowboys! Wait… Cowboys? No, I’m not talkin’ football. I’m talkin’ the old west!  And Food!  Though, chili (and variations thereof) work great for tailgating and parties.  DD Little has


Father’s Day Gift Guide: Man Kit Store #win4dad

Flowers. Spa baskets. These don’t fit for most dads. While gift baskets are expanding in themes and variety, they are often lacking in manliness.  That is… until now!  Let me introduce you to the Man Kit Store! The Man Kit Store just launched on June 7th, 2011.  I’d been keeping my eye