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10 Ways to Show Your Partner You Love Them Without Saying a Word

10 Ways to Show Your Partner You Love Them Without Saying a Word “I love you.” It’s a simple phrase that conveys a powerful emotion.  However, if there aren’t actions to back up those words they lose their meaning.  I remember one of my college professors, who was a marriage counselor, telling


13 Reasons Why I Love My Husband

I’m happy to say I’m happily married, even if I don’t get to enjoy Brian the way I did before the kids came. Our lives are more fulfilled, but different. At times I miss him…us…and am full of wife guilt. Other times I marvel at how our family has grown. It’s like


Pregnancy Journal: Due Date Edition

Today I am officially 40 weeks preggers. It is baby boy’s due date…a date I didn’t think I’d reach with him still inside. Only like 3-5% of babies are born ON their due dates, but I seriously thought I’d be home with him by now! This belly is heavy. This is the


Pregnancy Journal: 39 Weeks and STILL Pregnant

When one of my pregnancy apps congratulated me on reaching my 39th week of pregnancy on Thursday, I was surprised.  When I opened it up to read about “this week in pregnancy” and it said You are probably feeling eager, anxious and restless I was like… um YES! HOW DID YOU KNOW?


A Letter to Baby #2

Dear Baby Z, I’m sorry we haven’t gotten much time to just sit and chat.  It was something I was able to do with your sister each day as I drove to work, but you and I haven’t had much alone time.  It almost seems unfair that you’ll never get the experience


Fear and Loss in Pregnancy Dreams

Last night I did a rare thing for me since having my daughter – I slept the whole night through. With the blog, I often have to stay up late to write well after Rissa has gone to sleep so that I can spend time with her during the day. In some


Pregnancy Journal: Halfway There! (20 weeks)

I can’t believe I’m finally 20 weeks.  With my first pregnancy, it felt like it took forever, but then the second half flew by.  I have a feeling it’ll be like that with this one as well.  Now that I officially have gestational diabetes again, all those extra appointments to check on


I Have Gestational Diabetes Again

In the near future I will share some helpful information about coping and managing gestational diabetes, but right now I just need to get my thoughts and feelings out. This is where I take advantage of the therapeutic benefits of my blog. Quick run down in case you aren’t familiar with all


Pregnancy Journal: 18 Weeks!

My belly continues to grow and is starting to go out the front a bit more. I’ll still never have a perfectly round basketball belly though! Naughty placentas… So, over a week ago I took the glucose screening test since I had gestational diabetes (GD) early with Rissa. A week went by


Fulfilling Family Wishes

Like many of us, I often wish for material things like more money, a bigger home, a newer car, or a dream vacation. Yet these aren’t my most important wishes. They are things I want, sure, but ultimately my happiness involves my family. Those are the wishes most special to me. And


Pregnancy Journal: 16 Weeks!

This might sound strange, but I don’t feel very pregnant lately. Sure, I get cravings, I get worn out easier than usual, I feel random movements in my abdomen, and my belly is expanding. I’m 16 weeks today, but this picture was taken last weekend. My belly keeps getting bigger yet, I’ve


Pregnancy Journal: 15 Weeks!

Here we are at week 15! This little one continues to grow. I can tell by how tight my clothes are getting. I’m still fitting into a few non-maternity pairs of shorts but not any of my jeans! I am keeping track with two pregnancy apps, one by Winkpass which is pictured


Rissa’s New Book: Don’t Feed the WorryBug!

At the end of last week, Rissa was very excited that a package came just for her. Although when I asked, “what’s inside?” she put her arms up in the air and excitedly yelled, “Mama!” She was thinking of one of her other favorite books, but her face sure lit up when


The Big Fat Positive

A year ago today, my life changed forever.  Our life changed forever. My husband and I tried to conceive for three years.  The details of that journey may appear in another post sometime.  Suffice it to say, it was an emotional three years, especially for me. My cycle had been irregular for


Dealing With My Child’s First Public Meltdown

In one word: humiliating! Last week I went on my first “mommy date” at a local coffee shop.  There really isn’t anywhere decent to meet up with kids around here.  (I’ve come up with a business idea, but it likely will never see the light of day.) Seeing as how we haven’t ventured


Scuttle Butt

Rissa nearly gave me a heart attack the other day. I had left her on the floor of the nursery while I quickly grabbed laundry from the dryer.  This had been working out fine for awhile because the area is safe and she has some toys to occupy her.  Is the whole


Unfortunate Circumstances

Some of you may be aware (if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook) that my paternal grandmother passed away yesterday in the wee hours of the morning. I knew her life was coming to an end.  She had a stroke when I was about 15 or 1 6 years old and


“S” is for Smile

Rissy is 6 weeks old now (as of Sunday) and right on cue… she’s smiling!  Well, REAL smiles.  Social smiles.  The ones that melt your heart and make her smile even bigger in return when you get happy and excited.  The sleepy dreamy and gassy smiles were cute, but nothing like the


Center of Your World

For now, I am the center of your world I provide you with food, comfort, security and warmth You don’t quite understand why, but you know I’m important You love to gaze at my face, listen to my voice, and will seek me out when I’m not around It warms my heart


Time Paradox and Nesting

At this point, time feels fast yet slow all at the same time.  I can hardly believe our little one will be here in less than a month.  The weeks seem to go by quickly.  Yet… it doesn’t seem fast enough.  Work days drag on.  Having medical monitoring appointments twice a week