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I previously shared 7 memorable Valentine’s Day gift ideas and jewelry is often a great choice, especially if you select a quality piece with care. Blue Nile (the home of my engagement ring) has lots of gorgeous necklaces, rings and earrings to choose from. They are also having another fun giveaway!


Share The Love game details:
· There are three special Valentine’s Day cards on Blue Nile’s Facebook page from which fans can choose and share. In order to participate, fans must “Like” the Blue Nile Facebook page.

· For nine days, Facebook fans will have a chance to send a card of their choosing to any of their Facebook friends along with a short message.

· Both the sender and recipient of the card will receive a $10 off coupon toward their next Blue Nile purchase. Users are able to send multiple cards; however, users can only send one card at a time, and they will only receive one $10 off coupon, regardless of the amount of cards sent.

· Users who send a card will be entered to win the Pink Morganite & Diamond Ring as seen on Blake Lively on Gossip Girl!

· The campaign will kick off on February 6, 2012 and end on February 14, 2012.

Who will you share the love with? Have fun and good luck!
Disclosure: We received a promotional thank you item for sharing this information with you.

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