Seeking Part-Time Contributors: Book Reviewer, Recipes, Crafts

Do you have a passion for reading and telling others about the world you were just immersed in?  How about a creative mind that can concoct delicious dishes or cute crafts?

I would love to offer more book reviews, crafts, and recipes to my readers, but I need your help to do it!  I love reviewing children’s books with Rissa, but I don’t have the time (unfortunately) to read a lot.  I receive offers for some very interesting sounding books, but have to pass.  I don’t want them to wait a year for me to get through their book!

What I’m Looking For:

  • 1-3 people for books, recipes and crafts  (no more than 1 person per category)
  • Blogger or non-blogger – If you are a blogger, we’ll want to talk and make sure you won’t get overwhelmed balancing both.  If you aren’t one, but have considered it, well, now you can try it out!
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to meet deadlines and post at least 2 times a month
  • Good communication
  • Organized
  • Thorough and honest writing

What’s In It For You:

  • Books!
  • Possibly some food related products
  • Link back to your blog and social media accounts (if you have them)
  • Some other stuff I can’t think of right now… hangin’ out with me. 😛


If you are interested please fill out this form to apply.  Then we can chat!


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