Free Potty Training Chart & Tips For An Easy Transition

This Potty Training Chart is a great way to help you track and encourage your little one as they transition from diapers to underwear. We just finally made it through this transition with our son, and let me tell you, I am one proud mom! I’ve now officially potty trained two children!


Printable Labels For Organizing Kids Clothes

I love the idea of keeping things orderly, but sometimes I struggle. These super cute Printable Labels For Organizing Kids Clothes are just the motivation I needed to really tackle the kid’s things recently. If you are like me, sometimes it takes having something cute and fun to get you motivated to


Sad Thoughts: Dealing With Seasonal Affective Disorder

Sad thoughts. They just get in the way sometimes. Unfortunately, for many the term SAD stands for Seasonal Affective Disorder. The change in seasons and the lack of sunlight can truly bring on more than a few extra sad thoughts. It may lead to depression episodes and even fatal consequences. While I try


12 Cool Facts About Cats

As the kids get older, I love watching them interact with our pets. So, I thought it was fun to learn some fun Facts About Cats. While we have Vivian, our dog, in the house, we’ve had our two cats much longer. Being able to appreciate the loving nature of cats is


Life With Darcy & Brian 2016 Highlights, Top Posts, and Reader Survey

Last year was one heck of a ride and I appreciate you coming along for the journey. In January of 2016, I refocused my efforts on Life With Darcy & Brian. This included rebranding as well as increasing content in 2016 after blogging sporadically throughout 2014 and 2015. Life With Darcy &


5 Tips to Get Healthy Using A Baby Jogger Stroller

This year, you can Get Healthy doing things that are already part of your daily routine. If you have a baby or toddler, you can simply grab that jogger stroller and get to work. Yes, it may be tough the first few days, but the benefits are huge, and it’s easy to


Princess Tea Party Glitter Brownie Pops

We are so in love with the idea of hosting a Princess Tea Party! The idea of dressing up in our Princess outfits and hosting a fun tea party with yummy treats like these Pink Glitter Brownie Pops has me excited for the next birthday or special occasion on our calendar. In


The Importance of Holiday Traditions While Grieving

This will be our second year without my mother this holiday season. The first season was a blur of grief and pushing through, as we tried as hard as we could to still make the holidays a special and happy occasion for the sake of the kids. I thought it would feel


Disney Inspired Holiday Princess Printable Gift Card Holders

These free Holiday Princess Printable Gift Card Holders are a cute way to give kids gift cards, tickets, or passes for Christmas. My daughter loves anything with princesses on it. She was super excited the first time she saw these gift card holders and they didn’t even have anything inside of them!


Edible Christmas Craft: Christmas Tree Cones

Has your kid ever been disappointed that they can’t eat the gingerbread house after decorating it? My daughter loves decorating Christmas cookies with me and making a gingerbread house. We nibble on the candy decorations while working on them, but she wants to eat the house after we are done. These Christmas