How To Choose A Babysitter For Your Children

I am always hesitant about leaving my children in the care of someone else, so knowing how to choose a babysitter is a must. Whether you are a first-time parent or this is your fifth child, leaving them with a new person is a scary thing. I’m fortunate my mother-in-law usually baby-sits my


Dot Marker Christmas Lights Craft for Kids

Christmas is the best time to try crafts with your kids. There are so many adorable Christmas crafts for kids, you could literally do one craft every day in December and barely scratch the surface. Some crafts, however, are complicated and frustrating for kids. Not so for this simple idea! Even young


Thanksgiving Dinner Menus Your Guests Will Love

Ah, Thanksgiving dinner. When I was growing up, Thanksgiving was one of my favorite holidays because it meant big family gatherings and delicious food. Tables and tables of food. I can smell the turkey roasting, the timer almost ready to pop. The thought makes visions of turkey drumsticks, heaping bowls of stuffing,


10 Sweary Coloring Books You Need in Your Life

Adult coloring words have made adulting just a little bit easier this year. There comes a point though where you just don’t want to color one more flower or mosaic. What you really want is to color in the words that you are feeling at that moment. You know like when your


5 Top Benefits of Breastfeeding New Moms Should Know

You know by know that we are huge advocates of the benefits of breastfeeding. While we would never shame another mother for not choosing to breastfeed, we do acknowledge its important role in a baby’s development. The benefits of breastfeeding listed below are just a few of the top things we considered


15 Kid-Friendly Thanksgiving Printables

Thanksgiving printables like this great list are just what you need to keep kids busy during the busy fall break. Whether you are a homeschooler and want some fun things to add to your routine, or you are a parent that knows that holiday break will require extra activities, this list is


2 Quick Brain Games Your Family Will Love

We received El Capitan and Quoridor, two quick and easy to play brain games to review. This post also contains affiliate links. Confession: I don’t like playing memory match with my kids. My kids love it because their memory is sharper than mine (because I suffer from “mom brain”), which means they usually win.


60 Gift Ideas For Kids Who Love Crafts

I am always looking for great gift ideas for kids, but this list is chock full of ideas that are perfect for kids who love to make crafts. Whether they like to paint, sew, crochet, or build this list has something for every kid to get more creative with this year. 60


20 Easy & Fun Turkey Crafts For Kids

I love this list of turkey crafts for kids! It’s just what I need to keep the kids happy and busy the week of Thanksgiving while I am cooking, baking, and cleaning. From classic ideas using the toilet paper roll, to fun new turkey inspired crafts, you are sure to love this


Dear Daughter, Now You Are Six

Dear Daughter, I told myself I wouldn’t cry on your sixth birthday, but lied. I promise I am not sad. My feelings are a mixture of happiness, pride, and astonishment. Was it really six years ago when I have birth to you? When I held your tiny body in my arms for