Simply Sassy Media Launch Giveaway: Win $100 Lowes or IKEA GC! (US/CAN) 7/10-7/24

I’ve been lucky to meet and work with the lovely ladies behind Simply Sassy Media. They are very knowledgeable about blogging, working with brands, and working with fellow bloggers. They are also very fun! And what’s more fun than launching their new website with a giveaway? Prizes: $100 Lowes Gift Card (for a


I Have Gestational Diabetes Again

In the near future I will share some helpful information about coping and managing gestational diabetes, but right now I just need to get my thoughts and feelings out. This is where I take advantage of the therapeutic benefits of my blog. Quick run down in case you aren’t familiar with all


A Day in the Life at Tales From the Nursery

It’s been interesting adjusting to my new life as a mother. Before having my daughter, I was a case manager for several years where I was constantly in face-to-face meetings. On average I had about 20 clients whom I needed to speak with at least once a week by phone and meet


We’re Spinning Into Action to Help Local Children Have Great Smiles #CBias #SocialFabric

The very first time I participated in a Champions for Kids Simple Service Project was last December. At that time I shared a little about my family receiving community assistance when I was younger. I used to be embarrassed about it, but not anymore. Being embarrassed makes it seem like we did something


The Best (and Greenest) Pans for Potlucks and Entertaining

When I cook or bake, I like quick and easy clean up. I prefer being able to slap on a lid for leftovers and call it a day. But when it comes to taking goodies to someone else’s house, I’m reluctant to take a good pan or glass dish. I don’t want


Healthy Living Tips for Removing Household Odors

I hate to say it, but most homes have a smell. It’s not necessarily a bad smell, but it takes on odors throughout the house and creates its own distinct one. Have you ever noticed that? Maybe my years as a case manager conducting home visits made it more obvious to me.


Sonic and Wholly Guacamole Prize Pack Giveaway (US) Ends 7/14

If you love Wholly Guacamole and Sonic, you’ll be thrilled to know that they have joined together for a limited time affair. Yes, that’s right, Sonic is tantalizing tastebuds with the new Wholly Guacamole Dog as well as the option to add guac onto your burger or chicken. It’s not listed as


Family Friendly Restaurants: Sonic Drive-In

Since I was a kid, I’ve found drive-ins to be a fun way to go out to eat. After becoming a mother I definitely think they are a great family friendly option and Sonic drive-ins are no exception! Shortly after having a new baby we would find ourselves wanting to go out to eat, but not


Pregnancy Journal: 19 Weeks!

Kick, baby, kick! I’m definitely feeling baby moving around more frequently, but am looking forward to the power kicks yet to come. I never got any footage of my dancing belly with Rissa and am hoping for to get it this time! I found it fun to watch. Unfortunately, Rissa would stop


Old Wives Tales Used for Baby Gender Prediction

Nowadays so many pregnant women find out if they are having a boy or a girl through an ultrasound, usually around 20 weeks. While there are still people who choose to keep it a surprise, I am not one of them. I like to know! And we’ll (hopefully!) be finding out in

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