The Complete Hawaiian Reef Fish Coloring Book ~ Blog Bash Spotlight

We have a unique prize offering that is fun, green, and educational!  The Complete Hawaiian Reef Fish Coloring Book brought to you by www.lucid-hawaii.com, has over 200 illustrations of more than 80 species of reef fish.  Kids (and adults!) can color them while learning the species, anatomical features, coloration, body designs, feeding habits and


Jungle Jamboree Dish Set from Lenox {Review} #blogbash11

As Rissa gets older, she needs her own set of dishes. Adult cups, plates and utensils are just too big! We like giraffes and monkeys in this house, so the Jungle Jamboree set available at Lenox.com is just perfect! Lenox has a vast array of gifts for special occasions, from baby showers


Cubbie Cup {Review} #blogbash11

I haven’t had to deal with this quite yet, since Rissa is just in the beginning stages of eating solid foods; however, I can see how trying to keep track of a sippy cup AND a snack cup can be a pain.  Well, a mama saw this as a juggle that needed


Winners from 6/12-6/19 (Including the I Love My Daddy Hop!)

I’m going to try to only post winners once a week since I do email winner notifications and haven’t had too many issues with responses! (I’m also still in process of drawing winners.  It’s really wearing on my patience trying to do this AND deal with a teething baby, so bear with


Enter to Win an iPad2 When You Review Your College! Ends June 24 #giveaway

One of my Twitter followers is working on a pretty cool contest right now!  They are looking for school reviews so people can make an informed  decision about which school to attend.  Their site covers big AND small schools.  They are looking for informative reviews, not just positive ones. If you write


Blog Bash 2011 ~ Sponsor Sneak Peek (Giveaway Starts Soon!)

I know this month is full of events around here and we have another one starting on June 22nd in the wee hours of the morning.  If you stay up late Wednesday night, you can get started! There will be more than 100 blogs linked up, offering prize packs valued at $100


Magic Cabin Toys Review #blogbash11

When I started looking for family summer fun prize ideas, I kept looking at Magic Cabin. I first heard of them from a blog review and I later remember entering for a chance to win an incredible toy pony! (No, I didn’t win.). I looked through their site and my eyes lit


Ask the Web Guy #savvyblogging

I came to Darcy asking if she’d like me to offer some of my knowledge of all things web development out to the Mommy Blogger community and she said she thought that was a great idea. So, here we are. I’m more than happy to try to answer any questions you all


#Giveaway Gala (with linky) 6/20

Giveaway Gala Hosted by: 3 Princes and a Princess 2, Closer to Lucy, Have Sippy Will Travel, Tales From the Nursery, and The Thrifty Things. Yes, that means if you link up here – your giveaway will be listed on all five of our blogs!


Eco Baby Botanicals from Vintage Body Spa {Review} #blogbash11

One thing I love about Twitter is connecting with others.  I found out about Vintage Body Spa’s natural skincare products from Twitter.  I connected with them and was able to receive the opportunity to try out something from their new Eco Baby Botanicals line. Vintage Body Spa offers a variety of pampering


Time Management With Dotmine Planners {Review} #blogbash11

Dentist appointments, hair cuts, date nights, blog posts, soccer practice… how does a mom keep it all straight?  I know a lot of you mamas have way more things to keep track of than me right now, but a good planner is essential to keeping everything straight!  Dotmine Planners help moms and


Happy Father’s Day to the Two Best Dads!

Yes, I said TWO! I’ve always been a daddy’s girl. I don’t know how my dad was so patient with me. Watching old home videos gives me a new perspective now that I am a parent myself. I respect him so much more now.  As you can see below, I was… not


Working Dads Feel Their Jobs Can Interfere With Their Parenting

Press Release: New National Survey Commissioned by Care.com Finds a Third of Working Fathers Believe that the Demands of Their Jobs Interfere with Their Ability to be Good Parents; Fathers Twice as Likely to Feel this way as Mothers Nearly Half (48 Percent) of Working Parents with Young Children Believe That Spending


MelanSol Natural Sunscreen Review #blogbash11

Being a breastfeeding mama, I have to pay attention to what I ingest.  It can be easy to overlook the affects of chemicals absorbed into our skin.  We want to believe that if something, like sunscreen, is designed to protect us from the suns rays it won’t hurt us.  However, many commercial


We’re GoGo Going to the Zoo With GoGo SqueeZ {Review}

Today we’re taking Rissa to the zoo for the first time which should be fun!  I can’t wait to see how she reacts to seeing all the animals.  Since we’ll be there for a good chunk of the day, I know I need to pack some food for babygirl.  I’ll definitely be


Cars 2 – Screening and #Giveaway Prize Pack ~ US/Can ~ Closed

We loved the first Cars movie.  I thought it was unique and fun with a great cast.  I’m super excited to have the opportunity to see Cars 2 in 3D for a local screening next week!  I can’t wait! I’ll be sure to let you all know what I think after opening


Swiggies! Wrist Water Bottles Review ~ #blogbash11

Ahh, summer.  Hot days.  School’s out.  Kids will be outside playing sports, riding bikes, and running around.  When it’s warm out we need to be extra careful to increase our fluid intake.  Dehydration is dangerous for children, pregnant mamas, and everyone, really.  It’s ideal to have water handy.  I know that I’m


Day Out With Thomas ~ Coming to Green Bay #Wisconsin June 22-26

Thomas the Tank Engine is almost here in Wisconsin!  Next week he’ll be stopping in Green Bay.  We’ve done a great job at keeping this fun trip a secret from my nephews.  They will be pleasantly surprised next weekend! I’ll be tweeting while there and possibly adding updates to Facebook too.  So


Teeth Finally Incoming?

A few months ago, I thought Rissa started teething.  Technically, I still think she was, but I think the teeth are finally working on making their appearance. She’s been super drooly, like drooling buckets. Soaking 3+ bibs and 2 shirts daily.  Recently it just seems even worse.  She likes to put everything


Mike the Gardner ~ Blog Bash Sponsor Spotlight #blogbash11

Looking for a fun activity with the kids this summer? How about teaching them to garden?  It’s fun and good for them to dig around in the dirt.  Home vegetable gardening is a great way to save money too.  You can use gardening as a learning experience throughout the summer!  Think about