What Will Be the Impact of Baby #2?

I must admit I’m relieved to no longer be keeping Baby #2 a secret from all of you. I’ve almost slipped up in a few posts (like talking about car seats!) about the baby on-the-way. I’ve also been very anxious to start blogging about my second pregnancy. I started this blog about


The Odd Life of Timothy Green – New Trailer!

I was able to screen The Odd Life of Timothy Green while I was in NYC for The Avengers Event.  I can’t wait until I can share more of my thoughts about this movie with all of you (as well as the fun chat we had with the director, Peter Hedges, after viewing


e.p.t. Pregnancy Test Kit Giveaway! (US) Ends 5/27

Pregnancy tests can get costly, so you definitely want to use a test you trust.  e.p.t. has been there for both of my pregnancies now – they were the first ones to confirm what my body was trying to tell me!  During the 3 years we tried for my daughter, Rissa, I


Am I Ready to Do This Mom Thing Again?

As many of you know, we started trying for baby #2 a few months ago. I had some checkups done to ensure my blood sugar levels were normal and I started tracking my ovulation using the e.p.t. Ovulation Calendar app since Aunt Flo was right on time for three months in a


Happy Mother’s Day From Disney/Pixar’s BRAVE

Happy Mother’s Day! Enjoy! Like BRAVE on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/PixarBrave Follow BRAVE on Twitter: twitter.com/disneypixar In theaters June 22, 2012!


5 Tips for Bath Time Fun!

5 Tips to Bath Time Fun 1 – Use a baby/toddler tub. The size of the tub will seem less scary when they can sit inside a smaller version. 2 – Have plenty of bath friendly toys. Rubber duckies, buckets with holes, boats, letters and more can be great fun. A doll


Misconceptions About the TIME to Stop Breastfeeding

Moms (and non-parents) are up in arms about a recent TIME magazine cover and article. While I have not read the article, I’ve seen the cover. It achieved what TIME wanted (I presume) which was to shock and cause controversy. Yes, thanks, TIME for driving a bigger wedge among moms and those


Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Godiva Chocolatier Coffee

Here at the home of Tales From the Nursery, we aren’t coffee drinkers, but we know plenty of mamas who enjoy their morning cup. Thank you to Mama Does It All for guest reviewing for us! With special flavors created just for Mother’s Day and priced just under $10, gifting Godiva Coffee


Rissa Has a Big Girl Cup!

Since I was first pregnant with Rissa and working on my baby registry, I’d heard a lot of good things about Tommee Tippee products.  I mostly knew about their bottles at the time.  Since we didn’t really use bottles, I didn’t get to try any.  I’ve continued to hear positive remarks about


Do You Know the Signs of Teen Drug Addiction? [Infographic]

Before I had my daughter, I worked in the alcohol and other drug addictions (AODA) field.  I was a case manager who helped clients access treatment services.  I coordinated those services, made referrals, and worked with them on defining their goals.  While much of my job was about the present and the