I’m a Lil Kid Things Contributor!

Some of you may already be familiar with Andrea’s blog, Lil Kid Things. If not, I encourage you to check it out! I will be contributing there about my pregnancy. Yes, you will still get to read about it here, but I promise not bore you with all the same old stuff


WW: Brobee – Rissa’s New BFF?

 We found a Yo Gabba Gabba! Brobee beanie baby at the grocery store a couple weeks ago.  Brobee (the little green one) is Rissa’s favorite character. He gets to help stack blocks. She brushes his teeth. And she hugs him tight while he cries on the show! LOL


Bond With Dad at LEGO KidsFest in #Milwaukee This Weekend #FathersDay

Kids and dads love building with LEGO bricks, so why not attend LEGO KidsFest where there are 3 acres of building fun?  I’m excited that it’s here in Milwaukee for Father’s Day weekend since I wanted Brian to experience something special for his day.  There will be activities and fun available for


Father’s Day Gift Ideas: A USB Flash Drive Fit for a Superhero! #fathersday

Is your dad a comic book fan? Even if he isn’t, he is still a superhero in your eyes. A great gift for Super Dad is one of four Marvel Avengers USB flash drives from Dane-Elec. They hold 8GB of data, have a 5 year warranty, and are easy to use.  We


Satisfying My Pregnancy Cravings With Old London Bagel Chips

This pregnancy I’m able to indulge in some of my cravings and it is great! Of course I daydream about chocolate and sweets from time to time, but a lot of my cravings have been for more healthy snacks like fruit or hummus. Yes, I’ve been wanting salty, crunchy, and garlicky snacks


New Exclusive PEOPLE LIKE US Clip! #PplLikeUs

We are getting closer and closer to opening day of People Like Us, in theaters June 29, 2012. I really liked this movie and I think it will shed a new light on how some of you perceive your family. Anyway! I am thrilled to share a new, exclusive clip with you


Getting Rid of That Cloudy Film on My Dishes

If you are like me, you LOVE having a dishwasher so you can avoid washing dishes by hand.  But, sometimes the condition my dishes are in after being “washed” makes me convinced I do a way better job.  I have so many glasses that are streaky and cloudy and I think they


Do You Like Your Plunger to be Clean and Dry?

We don’t have a very good place to keep our plunger between uses, so it sits next to the toilet. I hate that it is there, especially since it grabs my toddler’s attention quite often, but if it was in a closet it wouldn’t be handy when needed. I mean, I certainly


Father’s Day Giveaway Event: Win a Linksys Wireless Router! (US) 6/10-6/18

It is a perfect time to find what gifts you would like to give to your father. Makobi Scribe is proud to present Father’s Day Gift Ideas Giveaway Event June 10-18!  I have a techy dad and a techy husband, so something from the electronics department tends to go over well.  This year my


LEGO KidsFest Coming to #Milwaukee June 15-17

Does your child like to build and create things? Imagine having access to a pile of LEGO® bricks like this! Well, at LEGO KidsFest you can and it is coming to Milwaukee, Wisconsin next weekend. (Father’s Day fun, anyone?). I know my husband likes playing with LEGO® bricks…he did propose to me