Clairol Nice ‘n Easy Color Blend Foam Review

I’ve shared before that I’ve been struggling with what to do with my hair. I started going gray at an early age (yes early. Teens-early 20s is early) which apparently runs in the family. Prior to having my daughter, I went to the salon for my hair color and cutting needs. That


Baby’s First 100 Days {Book Review}

I was a pregnancy book junkie while preggo with Rissa.  I read A LOT.  Some I agreed with, some I didn’t.  Some books I thought were helpful until after I gave birth.  Then.. well, then I thought they weren’t very practical anymore.  I was asked to review Baby’s First 100 Days, which


Beautiful Bonding Through #Breastfeeding

Among the plethora of benefits from breastfeeding, my personal favorite is the bonding time. Sure, I’m happy about providing nutrition and all, but for me, nothing compares to the emotional connection provided during a nursing session. I think this is one reason I’m not looking forward to weaning. Is it selfish? Maybe


Capturing Memories On the Go {Guest Post}

I’d love it if you checked out my guest post over at Being Tazim.  I wrote about how smart phone cameras are becoming better quality due to our on-the-go lives…. I like to think of pictures as memory snapshots. When arranged in a certain way, they tell a story. Or, at least,


Rafflecopter #Giveaways Ending Within a Week 7/13-7/20

I’ve pretty much switched over to Rafflecopter for faster and easier entry. I hope you are enjoying this method. I’ve heard a lot of rave reviews and appreciation from fellow bloggers and some of you lovely readers. Good luck and happy winnings! Envibum AIO (US/Can) 7/16 GFC Social Battle! Over $200 in


Gorton’s Grilled Seafood Review & #Giveaway (Closed)

Gorton’s has done it again! They are hosting 100 Days of Sizzle in honor of their GRILLED seafood which are perfect for summer!   Ahoy! Got your Sizzle on? Gorton’s Seafood does! Just check out our newest, sunniest, hot-off-the-grill-iest promotion! Please help us spread the word about our summer event: Gorton’s GRILLED Seafood 100 Days


Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Sand Toys Set Review & #Giveaway (Closed)

So what’s at the top of your summer destination list?  I bet the beach is high up there!  If not the beach, then I’m sure it’s the lake or a park with a sand box, right?  There’s just something about playing in sand that says summer!  And if you are loading up


Have You Tried Fruit Simple? #FruitSimple

I love juice, though I’ve learned it’s not quite as healthy for me as I once thought.  Having gestational diabetes while pregnant with Rissa opened my eyes up to just how much sugar and carbohydrates I consume on a regular basis.  I still love sugar and carbs, but I never thought much


The Endangerbles CD Review & CD & Plush #Giveaway (US/Can) ~ 7/26

Looking for fun children’s music that can also teach them about wildlife?  Learning disguised as fun is a great way to go, especially in the summer months.  I recently learned about The Endangerbles, who’s mission it is to support and promote awareness and preservation of threatened and endangered animals. Inspiring children to


My Office Hours Have Been Cut!

Rissa’s sleep schedule has made another shift recently and I can’t help but be frustrated by it.  I love my daughter and all, but my blog post writing time is mostly at night while she sleeps.  However, she’s not cooperating quite so well.  I’ve lost 1-2 hours a night due to this


Weekly Winners (7/4-7/10)

Freedom Giveaway Hop ~ 263 entries Chicken Soup for the Soul: Country Music – Congrats to Misty Sunrise!* What to Expect When Expecting – Congrats to Micah P.!* Fix It, Make It, Grow It, Bake It – Congrats to Shopping for Savings!*   Wisharoo Park ~ 441 entries 2 grand prize winners – Congrats


#Giveaway Gala (with linky) 7/11

Giveaway Gala Hosted by: 3 Princes and a Princess 2, Closer to Lucy, Have Sippy Will Travel, Tales From the Nursery, and The Thrifty Things. Yes, that means if you link up here – your giveaway will be listed on all five of our blogs!


Baby’s Home…What Now? Video App Review

The other night while we were hanging out with my brother-in-law and his wife, we started talking about the first night hone with baby. They have two kids with a third on the way, so it was interesting to see how similar or fears and concerns were. With all the excitement of


Disgusting Public High Chairs

Before becoming a mom, I never thought about the state of public high chairs. I even used to think the people who used seat covers were a little too germaphobic, though i figured it made for easier cleanup. Now that I need to use them… Yuck. That’s all I can say. Yuck.


GFC Social Battle #Giveaway ~ Over $200 in Giftcards and Cash ~ Closed

The Participants for the July 10-17 GFC Social Battle are: Makobi Scribe- $25 GC to Pumpkin Doodle Simply Stacie – $15 PayPal Still Blonde After All These Years $25 GC to Pier One Jamie’s Precious Peas- $15 Amazon GC Survey Junkie $55 GC for EdenFantasys Little Yayas  $15 PayPal Our Family World $30 GC for Busy as a Beezer Tales From


Spread Fluffy Love ~ Cloth Diaper Class #clothdiapers

I’m working with a local mama who loves fluff to try and help other local mamas in need get cloth diapers.  We have our first class today so I won’t be around much.  Unfortunately, the mamas who registered is down to about three but they are pregnant and in need of help


Dandelion Organic Baby Toys {Review}

Many of you know I’ve become a lot more concerned about what goes on Rissa’s skin and in her mouth.  I cloth diaper and try to use natural products and food when I can.  Another area I’m trying to be more conscientious about is her toys.  These go in her mouth ALL.THE.TIME.  I want


Body Changes With #Breastfeeding

Before having a baby, I thought all the crazy body changes would be limited to pregnancy. I figured I’d basically have my body back after giving birth. This is true.. kinda. I lost weight giving birth (don’t hate, I’m still curvy and plus sized), but my body is not the same. Some


Learning to Crawl

Yep. It’s happening. She doesn’t quite have the move-one-hand-forward-pull-and-move-opposite-knee-forward basics down yet, but baby is learning to crawl. She’s really quite fascinating to watch. Well, now that she’s more creative in her movement. It wasn’t very fun having her cry every two seconds because she was stuck or couldn’t manipulate her body


Seeking Sponsors for Several Upcoming #Giveaway Events!

We love love love giveaway events around here.  We love to give to our readers and help spread the word about great products and businesses. We’ll be participating (or hosting) the in the following events: (Just our blog at this time) World Breastfeeding Week (8/1-8/7): Breastfeeding information and products A Blogtastic Extravaganza