Getting Rid of That Cloudy Film on My Dishes

If you are like me, you LOVE having a dishwasher so you can avoid washing dishes by hand.  But, sometimes the condition my dishes are in after being “washed” makes me convinced I do a way better job.  I have so many glasses that are streaky and cloudy and I think they


Do You Like Your Plunger to be Clean and Dry?

We don’t have a very good place to keep our plunger between uses, so it sits next to the toilet. I hate that it is there, especially since it grabs my toddler’s attention quite often, but if it was in a closet it wouldn’t be handy when needed. I mean, I certainly


Father’s Day Giveaway Event: Win a Linksys Wireless Router! (US) 6/10-6/18

It is a perfect time to find what gifts you would like to give to your father. Makobi Scribe is proud to present Father’s Day Gift Ideas Giveaway Event June 10-18!  I have a techy dad and a techy husband, so something from the electronics department tends to go over well.  This year my


LEGO KidsFest Coming to #Milwaukee June 15-17

Does your child like to build and create things? Imagine having access to a pile of LEGO® bricks like this! Well, at LEGO KidsFest you can and it is coming to Milwaukee, Wisconsin next weekend. (Father’s Day fun, anyone?). I know my husband likes playing with LEGO® bricks…he did propose to me


Pregnancy Journal: 15 Weeks!

Here we are at week 15! This little one continues to grow. I can tell by how tight my clothes are getting. I’m still fitting into a few non-maternity pairs of shorts but not any of my jeans! I am keeping track with two pregnancy apps, one by Winkpass which is pictured


Godiva Coffee Summer Flavors & Recipes Giveaway (US) 6/22

Summer heat is no match for a deliciously indulgent and refreshing coffee served over ice made with the latest two flavors from GODIVA Coffee created especially for summer – Berry Crème Brûlée and White Chocolate Coconut. With special flavors for summer priced just under $11, and several new summer recipes created by


Witch’s Magical Mystery Brew – Brave Clip

It’s almost time for Disney/Pixar’s BRAVE to hit theaters on June 22, 2012!  I can’t wait to get a date night to go see it (hopefully in 3D) because it looks good! Pixar, of course, comes up with hilarious shorts and trailers and I like this “commercial” for Witch’s Magical Mystery Brew. 


Tips for Encouraging Your Child to Enjoy Music

My husband and I are definitely music fans. We primarily listen to hard rock and metal, but we also enjoy some guilty pleasures in other genres too. Before we became parents, we were big concert goers. We are also gamers so we have fun with Rock Band on our Xbox 360. (My


WW: Rissa & Friends Going on a Walk!

We can’t go without bringing her friends. I need a double stroller just for them!


Blog Giveaway Event: Make This House a Home 7/20-8/3 {Free}

Sign up for Make This House a Home Giveaway Hop Event coordinated by Tales From the Nursery and Mama’s Baby Cupcakes! Event Details Takes place July 20-Aug 3.  Prize must be home or garden related in some way.  This can be decor, landscaping, furniture, organization, etc! Have fun with it! You must have