Bath Luve {Infant Bath Accessory} Review #ABE2

Bath time.  In the newborn days it was not very fun at all because Rissa would get cold fast.  It didn’t matter how warm the water was it cooled off quick and most of her body was exposed to the air.  And in Wisconsin, baths and showers aren’t too fun in the


Was it Really 9 Months Ago? #thedaybabywasborn

I mentioned before that the passage of time is rather strange to me now.  It’s hard to believe we’re creeping up on Rissa’s first birthday already!  I’ve been slacking on her baby book too, which is just awful.  One thing we did though was to buy and keep the paper from the


Sponsor Spotlight: Vasseur Skincare #Spa4Ma

We had the opportunity to work with Vasseur Skincare for our New Mama’s Day event back in May and I’m happy to share that we’re working with them for the upcoming Spa for Ma giveaway event!


Summer Infant Sure&Secure® Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate Review #ABE2

So, Rissa has become quite mobile.  She is crawling and cruisin’ like nobody’s business!  Which, of course, means I have to try and stay a step ahead of her for safety.  This is NO easy task by any means!  This girl is a magnet for trouble and goes for the very things she


Monday Meet and Greet #3: Freebies & Cheapies

It’s Monday again! While I’m trying to get over my weekly case of the Mondays, how about I introduce you to another blog? Last week we learned about Happenings of the Harper Household. Let me introduce you to… Lori (AKA Mia) of Freebies & Cheapies and Mia’s Musings


Sponsor Spotlight: Mom’s Baby Hats #ABE2

One of the first things we like to do with newborn babies is take pictures. Shortly after giving birth and for the past 9 months of my daughter’s life, I’ve been capturing moments with hundreds of pictures. While I tend to think she’s pretty adorable on her own, there’s just something about


Sponsor Spotlight: Dawneedooville #ABE2

If you checked out our last event, Christmas in July, then you were introduced to Dawneedooville.  We’re so happy to have this great shop sponsoring an awesome set of prizes for our Baby on the Way prize pack for A Blogtastic Extravaganza 2 next week! About Dawneedooville:


Relax With Scented Candles #Spa4Ma

When setting a spa type mood, I think of dimmed lights, soft music, and pleasant scents.  I used to regularly go to a salon and spa for relaxation massages.  After getting into my robe and lounging in the special waiting area (not the main lobby!) in a comfy chair with a trashy


Upcoming Event: Spa For Ma #spa4ma

Next weekend we have another great event coming your way.  All the blogs participating will be giving away items to treat mom to some… mom time! Well, to pamper and indulge herself.  We have some pampering products that will be offered.  Our prize pack is valued at over $150. If you are


ERGObaby Carrier Review

My daughter loves to be held and close to mama.  I’m her favorite place.  It’s been like this since she was a few weeks old.  It has presented some challenges along the way, but once I started babywearing, it made a big difference!  I was at a loss when I ventured into


We’re a 2011 Parents Best All-Around Mom Blog Nominee!

So we were nominated a few days ago and I didn’t get a chance to share this with you and ask for your kind and loving votes!  This competition is open until October 15th.  There are 2 awards: People’s Choice (that’s you!) and Editor’s Choice (picked by Parents.com). By Best All-Around Mom


Amy Michelle Lotus Diaper Bag Review #ABE2

One thing that has changed in my life since having a baby is the amount of stuff I must carry everywhere and how I carry said stuff. Seriously, who knew having a baby would turn me into a pack mule? It’s very hard to go anywhere without making sure we have “the


A Blogtastic Extravaganza is Almost Here! #ABE2

We’ve been working hard to put together two awesome prize packages for you and I’m so excited that it’s almost here!  The event starts on August 17 and lasts through August 21.  We’ll be using Rafflecopter for fast, easy entry. So what do we have in store for you?  Would you like a


EvoraPet {Oral Care Product for Pets} Review & #Giveaway (Closed)

I love my kitties and they are part of the family, which is why I made them test subjects… er, helpful reviewers, this time.  It’s been awhile since they’ve gotten the spotlight!  Oh, and I like dogs too, I just don’t have one currently.  Anyway, while I love my furbabies, I don’t


$20 for $10 for Babies R Us

  We love shopping at Babies R Us… maybe a little too much! But, that’s why deals like this are great, right?


Member’s Mark 4x Probiotic #DigestiveHealth Update

I figured it’s time to give you an update on the Member’s Mark 4x Probiotic digestive care supplement available at Sam’s Club that I’m trying out. As I mentioned before my need to “sit” hasn’t been regular for awhile.  Certainly not consistent… Sometimes needing to frequently then days of, well, nothing. After


A Quest for Good Manners {Children’s Book} Review & #Giveaway (Closed)

I’m so happy that Rissa is more interested in story time now.  When I tried to read to her before, she was more interested in trying to eat the books.  This led to much fussing as I tried to flip through and read to her.  Now, she will sit still (sometimes stand


Who Needs a Car?

There was a time, not so long ago, that I would have given you a dirty look if you suggested I get rid of my car. Since I got my license at nearly 17 years of age, my car equated freedom. I didn’t have to rely on anyone else to get me


Win Win Nutritional Grocery List

In the movie Win Win , Jackie Flaherty (Amy Ryan) takes Kyle (Alex Shaffer) to the grocery store so he can pick up some items for his grandpa. This outing also bonded the two a little closer as Kyle had never had a real mother figure in his life until then.  Here is


Shh! Mommy’s Talking Podcast Episode 1: Who Are We?

Writing is fun, but sometimes it’s nice to get together with another mom and just chit chat… about the kids, about life, and about motherhood.  Oh and blogging.  We can’t leave that out now can we? Mariah of Formula Mom agreed to join me on this journey.  We hope to get into