Rissa’s Thoughts on Dora’s Fantastic Gymnastics Adventure and Winx Club: The Secret of the Lost Kingdom Movie

Soon I can hope to interview Rissa about some of the shows she watches and toys she plays with. Her vocabulary continues to grow by leaps and bounds to where we can have little conversations. Sure, she doesn’t speak in complete sentences yet, but boy can she string together enough words to


BRAVE on Blu-ray, Blu-ray 3D & DVD Combo Pack in November!

It feels like BRAVE was just released in the theaters not too long ago and I’m excited that it is coming out so soon! It’s kind of amusing because I was chatting it up with a fellow movie lover on my flight to Los Angeles Wednesday morning (8/22) and she guessed that


Cool Treats for Summer: Fun With Snow Cones!

I really try to limit sugary snacks for my toddler, but she does get them now and again. One of her favorite treats this summer is freeze pops. She loves picking out a color. Unfortunately, she has a hard time picking out just one… “What color do you want?” Rissa: “Green.” “You


WW: Purple Toes!

While getting ready for my trip to LA I just had to reprint my nails. Rissa decided she wanted purple toes too! I wasn’t planning to start painting her nails so young…I mean she can’t even hold still for me to clip her nails. But, she was being so cute about it.


6 Disney Movies Released Today to Add to Your Collection!

We love Disney movies and have been building our collection for years. It’s amazing just how many films there are and I love sharing the classics with my daughter! Today, August 21st, several titles are being released on Bluray combo packs that you won’t want to miss! Aristocats Order on Amazon The


Aquaphor Lip Repair & $50 Visa GC Giveaway (US) Ends 9/4/12

Prize! $50 Visa gift card, Aquaphor Lip Repair + PROTECT with Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Thank you to Aquaphor for providing this prize! Giveaway! (Ends 9/4/12 – US only) Log into the Rafflecopter form either with your Facebook account OR just name & email (this will help it remember if you entered


Keeping My Lips Kissable

As a mom, it’s important to protect my lips. I need them to dole out lots of kisses… some for booboos, some for love, and some just for fun. Now that my daughter likes giving out her own hugs and kisses (and will ask for them too which melts my heart) it seems


Why I Let My Toddler Get Her Hands Dirty

Sometimes I cringe when Rissa reaches out to touch something because I know how gross or germy it may be, but she has no clue… like that time she picked up a hairball from one of our cats. I found out if I freak out, she gets scared. Not exactly the way


Keeping Our Toothbrushes Cleaner 10 Minutes at a Time

Last week I shared with you about the potential for cross-contamination and toothbrushes breeding germs and bacteria. Now that I’ve had more time to use the kit I received from OraLine Kids, I wanted to give you an update. The toothbrush sanitizer isn’t huge, but it’s a little big for our lack


Pregnancy Journal: 24 Weeks Already?

It didn’t really hit me how soon my baby will be here until the other day. 24 weeks isn’t quite the home stretch yet, but I’m only a few weeks away from starting the third trimester. Last time that part of my pregnancy seemed to FLY BY. I was so busy with

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