Packing and Planning for Universal Studios With a Toddler and a Baby #VZWVoices #Mom

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I might be crazy, but I’m taking the crew to Universal Studios soon. When Rissa was a baby, Brian and I talked about how we wanted to have family vacations at theme parks like Disney World (where he proposed to me) and Universal Studios.  Growing up, he got to experience WDW but my family was never able to go.  My first (and only) time going to Disney World was after graduating from college.  Then I was fortunate enough to visit Disneyland last year while on a press trip.

When we discussed future vacations we wanted to take (oh throw family cruise on that list too!) we figured it wouldn’t be until the kids were a few years older.  Well, sometimes things work out differently and a great deal comes along.  And just listen to her – she is excited and understands we are going somewhere fun!


I was a little apprehensive at first, I mean, what can ya do with little kids at Universal Studios? Turns out there are play areas and rides for toddlers and preschoolers.  They also have parent switch off available so Brian can go on a ride with Rissa then I can go without going to the end of the line.  It seems family friendly for all ages and we will put that to the test.

Once we decided we wanted to go, we had to decide on driving or flying.  Driving would have been cheaper, but I wanted to stab a fork in my ear just thinking about it.  Rissa is much better on car rides now but Xander is sleeping less while crying more during them.  Both kids have flown before and we feel relatively comfortable with that idea.  Just the cost stinks.

I want things to go as smoothly as possible so I started thinking ahead about what to take along.  Right about now I could kiss my Galaxy Tab 2 I received from Verizon.  While we have another tablet and a LeapPad, the Galaxy Tab 2 has earned a coveted spot in one of my carryon bags.  The size, good battery power, mobile wifi hotspot and apps to keep nearly every family member happy make it a must for our trip.  I know this thing will help keep Rissa quiet and busy on the plane.  It’ll also be a good distraction while waiting in the airport.

We’ll bring along a couple other activities for her too, but I will need her to be content so I can focus on keeping X happy.  I doubt he’ll sleep the entire time again…

This flight will be interesting. We will need to take both car seats along.  I’m planning to take a double stroller rather than two single strollers.  A baby carrier, of course. Maybe two since Rissa can still go on our backs. Snacks are a must and I am taking my good camera too.  Mama wants to capture beautiful memories without phone blur (though that’ll get used too).

Man packing with little kids really kicks up the difficulty level, doesn’t it?

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