Deal: $3 Holiday BabyLegs!

If I haven’t made it obvious enough yet – I love BabyLegs.  I used them all the time before Rissa started walking and we still use them.  Since I had all girly ones before I’ve been trying to stock up on more boy and neutral pairs whenever I spot a deal.  During Black Friday I scored over $70 worth of BabyLegs for around $25 shipped.  And now they are having a sale until December 9th on their holiday themed leggings and socks.  (Many of which can be reasonably worn after the holidays are long over!)


I just bought 3 new pairs for $12 shipped!  Here are a couple of the items I ordered:

Totally adorable, right?  I know you want some too… it’s okay… go shop now!  Just don’t forget to use the code SEASONS3 (only good on the winter holiday styles).


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