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Confession: Breast Cancer Terrifies Me

There’s one thing in this world that scares me more than anything and that is cancer.  I don’t often talk about my fear of it, because I still have a slight sense of it can’t happen to me which is far from the truth.  I mean, that’s why it scares me – it could


My Continuing Love/Hate Relationship With Aunt Flo

Taking a moment for an old fashioned ramble post.  Hope you don’t mind? I have news…. The elusive Aunt Flo has actually stopped by two months in a row!  It kind of makes me happy and wondering if my cycle is getting back on track.  The crazy unpredictable periods honestly drive me


How You Can Help Another Woman be Brave #BraveWoman #CBias

So here we are, in the new year. Whether you were brave or not in 2011, you can be brave in 2012. And if you were brave in 2011, you can pledge to help someone else be brave this year. Last month I shared a poem with you about a brave woman.


Brave Woman Twitter Party Today! #BraveWoman #CBias

Today will be the Brave Woman Twitter party sponsored by Collective Bias.  Please join everyone for this important hour as we discuss the strong women we know and how we can help our friends and family members stay strong in their fight against domestic violence.  Because if we don’t help them recognize they are


I Know a Brave Woman

I know a woman who lived down the street. She had cuts and bruises whenever we’d meet. I wanted to say something, but it was never quite right. She assured me it was normal, the way they would fight. I insisted it wasn’t.  You must leave, I did implore. Yet he continued


How To Lose Baby Weight

Do you wonder if you will ever be able to lose baby weight?  I remember several people telling me the pounds would melt off with breastfeeding.  Well, here I am, still nursing a year later and I still weigh about the same as I did in January of this year.  Now, I


Breastfeeding With Breast Implants – Can It Be Done?

While breastfeeding is natural and the best choice for babies, there are some conditions and situations where it may be difficult for a woman to nurse her child.  One such circumstance is having surgery such as breast augmentation.  But certainly any type of surgery that involves the breasts may affect a woman’s ability


Almost Home Again

First, I just have to say thank you. Thank you so much for all the kind comments and emails. I really, truly appreciate it.


Preparing for Surgery

Many of you read my update yesterday and now it seemed to quick to update everyone. And many of you who were concerned after my first ER trip were on to something. I now know I wasn’t having back spasms. Warning – TMI ahead


The Continuing Saga of My Back

Have you been wondering why it’s been a little quiet around the nursery lately? Well, blame my back. Something is definitely not right with it! I know I promised to go in for a follow up after my ER trip but I’ve been a bit slow at making that appointment. Believe me,


National Bridesmaid’s Day With [yellow tail] Wine #bridesmaids

Bridesmaids of the World Unite — September 20 is Your Day! [yellow tail] wines creates the First Annual National Bridesmaid’s Day. Pippa Middleton was one. Julia Roberts played one, and so did Patrick Dempsey. For centuries Bridesmaids have been relegated to a supporting role complete with puffy sleeves and dyed shoes… but


I’m One in a Million, Are You? #MillionMomsChallenge

Last year I entered a new phase in my life.  I took on a new role. I became a mom. It was wonderful and scary.  The support I had from family, friends, and online resources made a big difference in how things went in the beginning for us. Up until two days


Fashion Genius: The Most Intelligent Fit & Style Tool For Plus Sized Women #msm

I previously shared with you about Sonsi’s revolutionary outfitting tool which helps plus sized mamas like myself assemble a complete outfit so we can see how things look together. The tool was pretty new when I wrote about it before and they’ve made more changes since then. Big changes. The improvements are


Alli Weight Loss System at Walmart.com & $50 Walmart GC Giveaway (Closed)

As many of you know, I’ve struggled with my weight for most of my life, as have lots of other women. Some of you even read my blog! So, I thought you might be interested in learning about the alli weight loss system, which I hadn’t heard of until recently. I’m interested


Relax With Scented Candles #Spa4Ma

When setting a spa type mood, I think of dimmed lights, soft music, and pleasant scents.  I used to regularly go to a salon and spa for relaxation massages.  After getting into my robe and lounging in the special waiting area (not the main lobby!) in a comfy chair with a trashy


Member’s Mark 4x Probiotic #DigestiveHealth Update

I figured it’s time to give you an update on the Member’s Mark 4x Probiotic digestive care supplement available at Sam’s Club that I’m trying out. As I mentioned before my need to “sit” hasn’t been regular for awhile.  Certainly not consistent… Sometimes needing to frequently then days of, well, nothing. After


Women’s Health: Information You Should Know About Heavy Monthly Periods

Ladies, your health is important to me.  We all deserve to have information available to us in order to make decisions regarding our bodies and any treatments that might be beneficial.  I’m reaching out to you today about a fairly sensitive topic.  (Which we know I rarely shy away from!)  Women have


Clairol Nice ‘n Easy Color Blend Foam Review

I’ve shared before that I’ve been struggling with what to do with my hair. I started going gray at an early age (yes early. Teens-early 20s is early) which apparently runs in the family. Prior to having my daughter, I went to the salon for my hair color and cutting needs. That


Body Changes With #Breastfeeding

Before having a baby, I thought all the crazy body changes would be limited to pregnancy. I figured I’d basically have my body back after giving birth. This is true.. kinda. I lost weight giving birth (don’t hate, I’m still curvy and plus sized), but my body is not the same. Some


Getting Fit – Good For You & Baby!

While I was pregnant, I walked nearly every day after dinner. It was a great way for me to get exercise even as Rissa developed in the womb, making my belly expand. After having her at the end of October, it didn't take long before we were pretty much holed