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Keeping Our Toothbrushes Cleaner 10 Minutes at a Time

Last week I shared with you about the potential for cross-contamination and toothbrushes breeding germs and bacteria. Now that I’ve had more time to use the kit I received from OraLine Kids, I wanted to give you an update. The toothbrush sanitizer isn’t huge, but it’s a little big for our lack


How I Keep My Bathroom Clean(er) With the Push of a Button

I don’t know about you, but the room I dislike cleaning the most is the bathroom.  My kitchen is a close second, especially with my pregnancy super nose.  The odors in either room get overwhelming!  I am very lucky that my husband helps a lot around the house.  When we first lived


Shout® Out Your Clothing Stains

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Triad Retail Media for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. Stains.  They can make an accidental bump turn into a costly mistake.  Spaghetti sauce, grape juice, ink, grass or dirt on white or light colored clothes.  Or what about those annoying


Getting Rid of That Cloudy Film on My Dishes

If you are like me, you LOVE having a dishwasher so you can avoid washing dishes by hand.  But, sometimes the condition my dishes are in after being “washed” makes me convinced I do a way better job.  I have so many glasses that are streaky and cloudy and I think they


Digital Photography: A Basic Manual {Book Review}

I’m not a photographer by any definition of the word. The closest I get is I sometimes take digital photos and my mom used to teach a photography class at 4-H. Digital Photography: A Basic Manual is a good intro book to not just digital photography, but photography in general. I know how


Lovely Knits Hats are Fashionable Year Round

I’ve shared before about how my toddler loves hats. She’s definitely more interested in accessories than I am. Then again, she looks cute in everything whereas I do not. (It’s okay, I’ve mostly come to terms with it.) Her favorite still seems to be hats! We have moved beyond her ear flapped


Angelina Ballerina: Ballerina Princess DVD Review

Angelina Ballerina: Ballerina Princess Release Date: March 6, 2012 We inherited our first Angelina Ballerina DVD from my now ten-year-old niece. It was an instant hit. My daughter began imitating Angelina’s moves, which promptly caused her to be kicked out of ballet class. She may not be a prima ballerina, but she


Summer Fun With HABA Waterpark Starter Set!

Toddlers love playing in water – at least mine does! The proof is in the first water table video and now I have more proof below! Because I know how much she loves playing in water (the cat water, bath water… even a cup of water), I knew she’d be happy to


Bubble Guppies Will Keep You Singing! {DVD Review}

Bubble Guppies Release Date: May 1st Bubble Guppies Synopsis: It’s time to LEARN, it’s time to LAUGH, and it’s time to join the Bubble Guppies and their playful pet in their very own fairytale – Bubble Puppy’s Fintastic Fairytale Adventure! In this double-episode Molly and Gil went up a hill to fetch


Does Your Child Want to Swim With Mermaids?

What is it about mermaids that is so fascinating? I know when I was little I thought they were the coolest. I wished I could be like one – probably because I couldn’t swim. There is just something about them that is fun and mysterious! We see this in kid movies, like


Bob the Builder: Adventures by the Sea DVD Review

Bob the Builder: Adventures by the Sea Release Date: May 22, 2012 Bob the Builder™ and his machine team “sea” lots of new ways to work together to get jobs done in and around Fixham Harbor in these five exciting stories. Scoop must make a creative seaside rescue to get the lighthouse


I’m an Armchair Doctor with House M.D.: Critical Cases! #CleverMD #spon

I am going to admit right away that I haven’t really watched House M.D. though I know there are very loyal fans to the show.  I have, however, played other Ubisoft games and I love puzzle games.  So, when I heard about Ubisoft’s new Facebook game called House M.D.: Critical Cases, I


Angelina Ballerina Ultimate Dance Collection DVD Review

Angelina Ballerina Ultimate Dance Collection DVD Release Date: April 3, 2012 If your kids like Angelina Ballerina, they will love this DVD collection! It is sure to bring out the ballerina in them, and maybe a little in you too!   My daughter has already watched each episode multiple times with her


Thomas & Friends: Engine Friends 2 Disc DVD Set Review

Thomas & Friends: Engine Friends Release Date: May 15, 2012 Engine Friends, the latest Thomas and Friends DVD is a 2-disc set that tells us how the Steam Team first came together. Ever wonder how Percy became Thomas’ best friend or why every engine tries to be really useful? This DVD will


Shaun the Sheep: Shear Madness DVD Review

Shaun the Sheep: Shear Madness Release Date: April 17, 2012 I loved Wallace and Gromit in high school. The furor kind of died down about them but when Shaun the Sheep popped up on the Disney Channel, followed closely by a spin-off of Timmy Time, I was interested enough to watch. My


Fireman Sam: Rescue on the Water DVD Review

My oldest son is almost five and has been a huge fan of firetrucks and firemen ever since he was able to talk. Every year we go to every firehouse we can during Fire Safety Week and it is bigger than Christmas! Imagine how excited I was when I discovered a cartoon


Rissa Has a Big Girl Cup!

Since I was first pregnant with Rissa and working on my baby registry, I’d heard a lot of good things about Tommee Tippee products.  I mostly knew about their bottles at the time.  Since we didn’t really use bottles, I didn’t get to try any.  I’ve continued to hear positive remarks about


How a New Car Seat Made Road Trips Enjoyable Again

Until the past month or so, road trips have not been very fun with my daughter. In fact, I started to dread them a bit. When she was an infant in the infant carrier car seat, she would do okay, but needed out frequently to nurse. That was understandable on some level,


It’s Almost Time for My Next Teeth Cleaning! #CrestSponsored

Last month I confessed to liking teeth cleanings at the dentist.  I still do NOT like getting cavities filled or any of the other stuff, but I love to run my tongue over smooth, clean teeth.  Well, I thought my next cleaning was this month.  I’m a bit bummed that I was wrong!  It isn’t


Celebrate Star Wars Day With Star Wars Fighter Pods!

Hey Star Wars fans! There’s a new toy in town that you’ll want to check out whether you keep it in the box or take it out to play with. (Though I suggest playing with it!) Star Wars Fighter Pods! The new Star Wars Fighter Pods are miniature collectible versions of the