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How To Brush Your Teeth For Children {With Free Chart}

These tips for How To Brush Your Teeth For Children are a great place to begin with your toddlers. A great beginning in dental hygiene will lead to good habits the rest of their life. While this may seem obvious to some, it really can be tough to teach your kids. Check


Leprechaun Slime Recipe: St. Patrick’s Day Activity for Kids

Slime is such a fun tool for sensory learning and play. There are almost endless things you can do with it. This St. Patrick’s Day, make this fun leprechaun slime recipe made from clear glue and orange food coloring. Kids will be delighted at how well their slime turns out and the


Printable Shopkins Lollipop Covers for Valentine’s Day

Looking for a cute and easy Valentine’s Day treat for kids? Get these Shopkins theme lollipop covers to make sweet classroom valentines! The first time my daughter exchanged valentines at school, she got so excited. She was in preschool and loved everything about it – decorating a Valentine’s Day box, giving valentine


Printable Shopkins Valentines Cards

Is your kid obsessed with Shopkins too? My daughter didn’t really know much about them until she started kindergarten. I’ve known about their existence for awhile, but since they were so small, I didn’t buy her any when they first came out. As their popularity grew, I was intrigued while also relieved


Bouncing Playdough Recipe

Looking for a fun activity to try with your kids? They will love this recipe for bouncing playdough. It just takes a few ingredients, but it makes a batch of dough that is almost as bouncy as a super ball! Try out this recipe today and your kids will be bouncing dough


Button Towers Fine Motor Activity for Kids

It is important for kids to develop fine motor skills before learning to write. Developing fine motor skills early helps young kids learn to hold a pencil correctly, type, use their hands for skilled labor, and lots more! Fine motor activity helps children develop these fine motor skills. If you have any


Printable Labels For Organizing Kids Clothes

I love the idea of keeping things orderly, but sometimes I struggle. These super cute Printable Labels For Organizing Kids Clothes are just the motivation I needed to really tackle the kid’s things recently. If you are like me, sometimes it takes having something cute and fun to get you motivated to


12 Cool Facts About Cats

As the kids get older, I love watching them interact with our pets. So, I thought it was fun to learn some fun Facts About Cats. While we have Vivian, our dog, in the house, we’ve had our two cats much longer. Being able to appreciate the loving nature of cats is


Disney Inspired Holiday Princess Printable Gift Card Holders

These free Holiday Princess Printable Gift Card Holders are a cute way to give kids gift cards, tickets, or passes for Christmas. My daughter loves anything with princesses on it. She was super excited the first time she saw these gift card holders and they didn’t even have anything inside of them!


STEM Gift Idea: Build & Imagine Malia’s House Magnetic Building Set Review

We received Build & Imagine’s Malia’s Beach House magnetic building set for review. This post contains affiliate links. To keep up with my daughter’s imagination, I find it is important that her toys have high replay value. As much as she may love the first time she plays with a highly anticipated