Tales From the Nursery

Tales From the Nursery: The Toddler Years

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Finding Nemo is Fin-tastic on Blu-ray

One of the most beautifully created Disney Pixar movies, in my opinion, is Finding Nemo. I thought it was gorgeous the first time I saw it, found it visually stunning when I screened

No Gift is More Unique Than a Giant Microbe!

Generally if someone started talking about gifting the flu, MRSA or plasma to a friend or family member I would look at them funny.  I mean, how gross is it to want to gift

Encouraging My Daughter to Play Music With the iTikes Piano

I’m all about encouraging my daughter to enjoy music.  Not only do I want her to listen to it and appreciate it, I’d love for her to play an instrument.  By exposing her to

Cinderella’s Story Continues in Cinderella II & III

Being such a fan of Cinderella, I really hate to admit that I did not know there were sequels made!  I know oftentimes subsequent movies are not as widely known or popular, but I’ve

Preparing for a Sibling With a Realistic Looking Baby Doll

Over the course of my pregnancy we’ve tried to keep our toddler informed of what is going on.  No matter what, I know there will still be an adjustment period for all of us.

Develop Motor Skills With the Little Tikes Basketball Hoop

Earlier this summer we went to a friend’s backyard BBQ and their son had a Little Tikes basketball hoop.  We were a little surprised at how much Rissa wanted to play with it.  Not

It’s More Fun to Grocery Shop When It’s Pretend Play

When I was little I used to love following my mom around the grocery store with those little kid-sized shopping carts.  I also remember playing “shopping” and “house” with my own cart and fake

Hexbug Warriors Battle Arena Review

Do you remember BattleBots?  People from around the world created robots that would fight each other in an arena through remote controls.  My dad and I used to love watching them – it was

3 Reasons Why You Want to Get Disney Pixar’s BRAVE on Blu-ray

A few months ago I shared 4 reasons why you should go see Brave after I saw it in 3D at the movie theater. Those reasons still hold true, but now I have

AppGear Combines Reality With Virtual Gaming World

As mobile gaming continues to rise with the use of apps on smartphones and tablets, so too has the notion of combining real world elements into game play.  Augmented reality apps and games are

IKEA Soft Toys for Education Make Great Gifts for Kids

This may shock you, but I’ve never shopped at an IKEA before.  There isn’t one very close by unless we want to drive a few hours.  I’ve heard people rave about their furniture so

DUB Garage Blazerz Cars Are Not Just For Little Boys

I try not to limit what types of toys my daughter plays with just because she’s a girl.  Sometimes it’s hard because it just seems like she should have dolls and girly things.  However,

Glittery Glam From Out of This World: The Novi Stars Una Verse Doll

Who says aliens have to be scary?  Why can’t they be cute and fashionable?  Well, now they can be with the new Novi Stars line of fashion dolls!  I’ve always had this sort of

Tinker Bell Meets Her Sister in ‘Secret of the Wings’ (Bluray/DVD)

I’ve known of Tinker Bell since I was a little girl, mostly from movies such as Peter Pan, Hook, and seeing her flittering about the screen for many things Disney.  Until recently I never watched

Not Quite Like the Fashion Dolls of My Childhood – Bratzilla and Bratz Boutique Doll Review

When I was little, my favorite part about playing with fashion dolls was changing their outfits and hair styles.  I also liked setting up their houses but by the time I’d have everything set

Pretend Play with Lalaloopsy Littles Sew Cute Patient

My daughter’s Lalaloopsy doll collection continues to grow with the addition of the new Lalaloopsy Littles Sew Cute Patient named Stumbles Bumps ‘n Bruises.  She’s the sister of Rosy Bumps ‘n Bruises and made from a

Disney Princess: My Fairytale Adventure Video Game Review

Girls like to play video games too, but don’t necessarily like the same kinds of games boys do.  Knowing how beloved the princesses are, Disney has released an interactive video game that lets fans

Encouraging Young Girls With Moxie Girlz Sportz Dolls

I really love the message of the Moxie Girlz because they emphasize being true to yourself and the ability to achieve your dreams.  There are enough fashion dolls that focus on just that –

Remembering Tumbling Class and Fun with the Dora Gymnastics Doll!

Rissa was enrolled in a tumbling class throughout the summer, which she really enjoyed.  At first she just wanted to run around and watch everyone, but I watched her grow over the 10 week

Rissa’s First Playhouse Set!

I’m the first to admit that my daughter has too many toys.  She really does have more than she needs, but she gets such joy out of receiving new ones, figuring them out, and