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Hobbies For Kids to Start Early

As a parent of small children, figuring out hobbies for kids to start early is ideal.  I like to keep my children busy. I prefer that they do not just spend every single day sitting in front of the TV, laying around. This is why I like to start my kids on


Disney Junior Live! Pirate & Princess Adventure – Coming to Milwaukee! + Ticket Giveaway #DisneyJuniorLive

Yo ho, let’s go! Get ready for Disney Junior Live! Pirate & Princess Adventure coming to Milwaukee! Feld Entertainment is providing my family with complimentary tickets as well as tickets to giveaway. I dare say that’s better than grabbing gold doubloons. My kids absolutely LOVE Jake and his crew. My daughter enjoys dressing


14 Valentine’s Crafts for Kids Roundup

If you are looking for some Valentine’s crafts to do with the kids here are 14 ideas for various ages.  Most are perfect for preschoolers while some may be best for older children.  There are even some free printable Valentine cards just in case you still need some for your kiddo to


5 Winter Pictures to Take of Your Kids

Living in Wisconsin we get to experience all the seasons.  In the past few years our winters haven’t been as cold and snow filled as they were in my youth.  However, my daughter seems to love the snow!  She gets excited when she sees it is snowing and will ask repeatedly to


How to Create an Indoor Summer Fun Survival Kit!

It’s summer time and we all want to be outside as much as we can.  However, sometimes the weather doesn’t cooperate with us so we need backup plans – especially to keep the kids entertained!  We received a fun “Rainy Day SOS Kit” complete with movies, snacks, cards, and ideas for DIY


Local Metro Milwaukee 4th of July Parades & Fireworks 2012

Grafton and Theinsville already had their fireworks displays on Saturday, June 30, 2012, but there are still plenty of local parades and fireworks to check out!  I know one year, while I was living in Waukesha, the way celebrations were scheduled we were able to attend fireworks on three different nights in


Shh, Mommy’s Reading the Hunger Games Trilogy

Since having my daughter I haven’t found as much leisure time to read. If I’m reading it’s usually to her or about parenting or a few blogs. I miss reading books for fun, but my “spare” time is usually reserved for blogging. Until this weekend. While I was sitting at the lab


We Had Fun at LEGO KidsFest! #LEGOKidsFest

Last weekend we headed to the Frontier Airline Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for three acres of LEGO fun!  Here are some of the highlights of our time there: The place was huge and full of families enjoying themselves.  We weren’t sure where to begin!  Batman and his gargoyle are made entirely out


Tips for Encouraging Your Child to Enjoy Music

My husband and I are definitely music fans. We primarily listen to hard rock and metal, but we also enjoy some guilty pleasures in other genres too. Before we became parents, we were big concert goers. We are also gamers so we have fun with Rock Band on our Xbox 360. (My


Talking With Cobie Smulders (aka Agent Maria) About Powerful Women #TheAvengersEvent

As part of my trip to NYC for Marvel’s The Avengers screening at the Tribeca Film Festival, I got to interview Cobie Smulders of How I Met Your Mother fame.  Due to the size of our group (25 bloggers!) We were split into two groups and took turns interviewing Cobie who plays S.H.I.E.L.D.


Do You Need to Watch the Movies Leading Up to The Avengers? #TheAvengersEvent

If you haven’t seen any of the Marvel movies leading up to The Avengers, you may be wondering if you should wait or go ahead and see The Avengers anyway. Now, if you haven’t seen any of them you are missing out! But, I think The Avengers is still enjoyable without watching


WW: Sightseeing in NYC #TheAvengersEvent

This is going to be more of not-so wordless Wednesday! I wanted to share some pictures from my trip to New York with you. The view from my hotel room – 18th floor at the Eventi. Times Square during the day. See the Captain America shield in the back? Lots of ads


Is Marvel’s The Avengers a Family Movie? #TheAvengersEvent

In a word, yes. It is a movie about a family of sorts, after all… but it is never that simple to answer! I had the pleasure of screening Marvel’s The Avengers and kept asking myself if this was truly a family movie. I knew I would enjoy it since I enjoyed


What it Was Like Attending Closing Night at the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival #TFF #TheAvengersEvent

I really did not know what to expect when I found out I was going to attend the closing night at the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival in New York.  I knew of Tribeca, but I thought it sounded like a place only celebrities and wannabe film makers go – not moms like


Fan Girls Assemble in NYC for Marvel’s The Avengers! #TheAvengersEvent

Our first night in New York City was a great time! All the bloggers got together for dinner at Jack Demsey’s and wore our Marvel’s The Avengers Fan Girl shirts. I just wanted to give you a quick update and share this fun group photo with you! In a few hours I


Just a Few More Days… #TheAvengersEvent

I can hardly believe my (first!) trip to New York is in just a few short days.  Early Friday morning I’m leeeeaving on a jet plane…. and won’t be home until late Sunday evening.  While I’m still nervous about flying without my husband and dealing with anxiety over being away from my


Local Milwaukee: KidsFest & Baby Expo April 14 & 15

Looking for a low cost activity this weekend?  Check out Metroparent’s KidsFest & Baby Expo.  There will be booths with local business information, exhibits such as car seat safety, and activities like bouncy houses and pony rides.  We attended last year, but found the Baby Expo part to be lacking.  There were


How I Teach My Toddler Letters, Shapes, Numbers and Colors

My daughter loves to read, which I’m very happy about.  I know story time will bring about lots of learning opportunities and quality time.  Sometimes she likes playing with flashcards, but not in a traditional teaching way.  So, I try to make things fun for her the best I can.  I do


Meet the Women Most Excited for Marvel’s The Avengers! #TheAvengersEvent

You already know that I’m excited about Marvel’s The Avengers.  I’ve been looking forward to this movie since at least last fall when I got to see a trailer for it.  I announced that I’ll be seeing The Avengers at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City later this month along with


The Muppets & Jake and Never Land Pirates Free Printable Activities for Easter and Spring Break!

Just click on the images to download the activity packs! “THE MUPPETS” Now Available as of March 20th with the Wocka Wocka Value Pack, which contains the movie on Blu-ray high-definition, DVD and Digital Copy (3 discs) plus adownload card for the film’s soundtrack from Walt Disney Records!    Let your kids put on