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10 Easy and Delicious Allergy-Friendly Snack Ideas

Are you looking for easy allergy-friendly snack ideas to take to school or have at a birthday party? As one of the unfortunate members of the kids-with-allergies club, we understand how important it is to keep other kids safe while attending play dates or school.  When my older daughter started preschool, it


Double Chocolate Peanut Butter Pancakes

Need an excuse to eat chocolate for breakfast? These Double Chocolate Peanut Butter Pancakes are easy to whip up and make a special treat. They are perfect for a birthday breakfast or other special occasion. Anyone who knows me knows I am a fan of chocolate and peanut butter. Having these for


Crock Pot Cheesy Potatoes Recipe

Cheesy potatoes made in my Crock Pot makes a delicious side dish for dinner. This is a slow cooker recipe I can use all year round too, which I absolutely love! One reason my Crock Pot gets so much love from me? The kids go bonkers around normal dinner time making it


Frozen Strawberry Lemonade

This frozen strawberry lemonade recipe is the perfect summer drink. Sweet, tangy, cool, and thirst quenching. I grew up not liking lemonade. For the longest time, I thought it was because I don’t like lemons because I enjoyed pink lemonade and other flavored lemonades. Turns out, I needed to try the good


30 Summer Slow Cooker Recipes

When it starts getting hot outside, I begin looking for summer slow cooker recipes so I don’t have to be standing over a hot stove or turning the oven on.  Using my slow cooker makes it super easy to manage great meals we all love, without working up a sweat! 30 Summer


Breakfast Sandwich Kebabs

We partnered with Johnsonville to share this breakfast sandwich kebabs brunch idea with you. Nearly every morning, I get the kids dressed then usher them into the bathroom for teeth brushing before making their breakfast. Once they are settled at the table, I prepare my food and pour an iced coffee. It’s a


Quick Breakfast Ideas Sausage Pancake Muffins

Disclosure: This quick breakfast ideas recipe is sponsored by Johnsonville and features their breakfast sausage. Ahh, mornings.  The time when I need quick breakfast ideas to keep my composure and the day on track.  I always have high hopes for a beautiful morning. I imagine getting up before the kids, showering, getting


Cheesy Potato Bombs

Cheese and potatoes were meant to be together and these cheesy potato bombs take mashed potatoes to a whole new level. They are the perfect savory side dish and work well as party food too. I mean, mashed potatoes are delicious, but they don’t generally don’t work well as an appetizer. This


Chocolate Chip Oreo Stuffed Brownies

When you can’t decide between baking brownies or cookies, you combine them to make the ultimate dessert mashup! This Chocolate Chip Oreo Stuffed Brownies recipe makes a delicious 3 layer brownie that is sure to be a hit among chocolate lovers and please your taste buds. Brownies are one of my biggest weaknesses and


Star Wars R2D2 Milkshake Recipe

I was inspired to make this Star Wars R2D2 Milkshake recipe for the kids to enjoy while watching LEGO Star Wars: Droid Tales. We received this DVD to review. Both of my kids love Star Wars and LEGO, so it was a perfect combination for us. In fact, my son and daughter have


15 St. Patrick’s Day Recipes

We love this list of St. Patrick’s day recipes as a great way to celebrate with the kids!  They are fun, full of great flavors and of course, bring about the joy of the holiday.  St. Patrick’s Day is always tons of fun for kids since you can color everything green, enjoy


Strawberry Shortcake Pudding Cookies Recipe

In the mood for a melt-in-your-mouth cookie? Pudding cookies are deliciously soft and delightful. Whip up a batch of these Strawberry Shortcake Pudding Cookies for your sweetie. (Don’t forget to treat yourself!) As I continue to teach my daughter that it is possible to bake cookies without a box mix, we’ve been


Quick & Easy Animal Cookie Fantasy Fudge Recipe

If you want a special sweet treat, nothing beats this quick and easy Animal Cookie Fantasy Fudge Recipe!  It brings together the rich and smooth flavors you expect in fudge with the fun of your favorite childhood snack.  I love the idea of a fantasy fudge recipe to share for kids classroom


15 Valentine’s Day Recipes For Homemade Lemonade

I love finding fun Valentine’s Day recipes to create for the kids, and secretly for myself.  This year I think I am going to feature some fun and colorful fruity homemade lemonade recipes.  I have one fun lemonade recipe here on the blog that I love, but I think I want to


15 New Year’s Eve Party Drinks

A party isn’t complete without refreshments! These New Year’s Eve party drinks will give you fun recipes to mix up for the evening. I almost always have a glass of champagne at midnight though. Our New Year’s Eve parties are generally family friendly, which is why we look for both alcoholic and


25 Must Make New Year’s Eve Party Appetizers

The best way to ring in the New Year is with good friends and good food. We don’t typically eat dinner since we’d rather enjoy a variety of New Year’s Eve party appetizers. It’s easier to feast on finger foods while playing board games, talking, and counting down to midnight. Basically, we’ve


Cotton Candy Cocktail Recipe (Non-Alcoholic)

This post contains Amazon affiliate links. This Cotton Candy Cocktail reminds me of a “kiddie cocktail.” Boy, did I love those when I was a kid. My extended family owned a bar, where we would get together for the holidays while closed to the public. I loved having unlimited quarters for pinball,


20 Sweet & Scrumptious Cookie Recipes

I have really been in a baking mood, but I am finding way more sweet and scrumptious cookie recipes than I have time to make. Next year, I must begin my holiday baking earlier. Honestly, these are more than just holiday cookies. These can be enjoyed any time of year. Seriously, if


Easy Christmas S’mores Recipe

This post contains Amazon affiliate links. Holiday baking can be fun, messy, and time consuming. As much as I love making cookies, it takes over my kitchen completely. Sometimes, I’d rather make quick and easy holiday desserts, like Christmas S’mores, especially when I can enlist the kids’ help. (I’m serious, I’m working on letting


Easy Gingerbread Man Rice Crispy Treats Recipe

This post may contain affiliate links. Rice crispy treats are one of my childhood favorites and these easy gingerbread man rice crispy treats give this classic a tasty holiday twist. My kids love them too, even though they keep calling them “Christmas trees” instead of crispy treats. It’s one of those adorable