BSM Boosters Kindle Giveaway (9/9-9/30) Closed

BSMB Kindle Giveaway

Win a Kindle from the  Blog & Social Media Boosters!

I have one and really like how handy it is.  As the weather gets cooler out, it’s good curl-up-with-a-blanket-and-read weather, am I right?

This giveaway is open until September 30th!

To enter fill out the Rafflcopter form below.

The first entry is to like all of the Facebook pages and counts as 50 entries. Like buttons for Facebook can be found >>here<< to make it easy.

All of the Twitter buttons for 50 entries can be found on The Reynolds Mom.

After you have liked and followed, please enter on the Rafflecopter form below:

Simple Family Fun Activities

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