Blogger Resource: How to Submit Queries on Profnet and Profnet Connect

I previously suggested three places to find sponsors for products to review and giveaway. You can also use those sites to find experts for posts you are writing and probably even guest posters. They are a way for you to put your request out to those looking for interested people to work with. I do realize these sites can be a bit intimidating. I use pretty basic functions on there so, I’m going to share that with you.

After you’ve signed into Profnet PR Newswire, it can be confusing how to request products. What you need to do is be under the “My Profnet” or “Profnet” tab and Create an Opportunity.

An opportunity is your request for products, quotes, experts to interview, etc. You can have an ongoing opportunity (general all-around pitch of what you are seeking all the time) or create an opportunity for an event with a deadline for responses.

I try to be concise and follow the 5 W’s for information:

  • Who: My site name/url
  • What: Types of products I’m seeking
  • Where: My blog, number of others participating
  • When: Time duration of event
  • Why: Event theme
  • How: My reach and an outline of promotion offered


Subject: Seeking Yummy Treats for Halloween Blog Event

I’m Darcy of Tales From the Nursery located at I’m seeking snack items for a virtual Trick or Treating event I’m participating in with about 150 other bloggers. This event will take place 10/28-11/2. I provide promotion with a review or feature prior to the event starting as well as social media shoutouts throughout the event. I have over 3300 Facebook fans and over 4000 Twitter followers. If you have a product you think I’d be interested in, please contact me! There is no fee – just product!

Mine are usually a bit longer, but it gives a general idea. I always mention there is no fee because you Profnet doesn’t allow you to send out a query for paid reviews. I also will include a few highlights from my review policies such as requiring a full size, non-returnable product.

I usually select for it to be sent to PR, Media/Broadcast, Corporations, and Small businesses.

In order for your query to be sent out, your blog must be at least 6 months old and you use FTC disclosures. (You can read ProfNet guidelines here.)

Another resource for events is to post in the Promo Opps Forum on ProfNet Connect.

Have any questions on how to create an opportunity? Leave a comment.


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