Tales From the Nursery

Tales From the Nursery: The Toddler Years

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It’s in His Kiss

If you wanna know, if he loves you so, it’s in his kiss… – The Shoop Shoop Song (It’s in His Kiss) Lyrics We’d been hanging out for awhile, but finally became a couple.  An official couple.

mom cards

Get Business Cards 40% Off at Tiny Prints

Business cards are a must to have on hand for networking and certainly if you are going to a conference!  And don’t think you need a business to have cards… if you network with

Dear Toddlers

Dear Toddlers, You are fun and frustrating and full of energy.  Pure energy that suddenly implodes, often unpredictably, but usually nothing a quick nap or mama snuggles can’t fix. Or a snack.  Like a cookie.  That

Recycle Old Electronics and Computers at Best Buy

We live in a rapidly developing technological world where our new phone is outdated within months after purchasing.  Electronics are made out of heavy metals and contain potentially hazardous material if not disposed of

Refreshing My Look at Bella Lei Salon Spa

I’ve struggled with gray hair for several years – since I was 19 years old. Going gray early, especially when you have dark hair, is tough on a woman’s self-esteem. Well, it

20 Tasty Chicken Recipes or How to Use Up 40 Pounds of Chicken

Do you love chicken?  We do!  We often prefer to cook using boneless skinless chicken breasts but they can get expensive.  Good thing I found out about a way to buy natural chicken in

Baby Clothes Deal: Buy 3 Get 4th Free Sale From Tea Collection

I can’t believe how fast baby boy is out growing his clothes.  Thankfully my daughter’s growth is slower now so clothes I buy for her last for months rather than only weeks! Fabulous sale alert!

Easy 3 Ingredient Gelatin Poke Cake

It’s easy to dress up a boxed cake mix to bake a gelatin poke cake. I have a ways to go before getting more comfortable baking from scratch. In the meantime, we

Because Prompts are Fun #6 – Cabin Fever

I’ve got a fever but it won’t be fixed with more cowbell. Winter in Wisconsin tends to keep me more cooped up, especially with a newborn. I suspect others may be itching

The Differences in Diapering Baby Boys and Girls

I’ve quickly discovered a few differences in diapering boys and girls.  Aside from the fact that their parts are different (and your toddler is quick to point this out and talk about it all

How to Get Hundreds of Different Looks With Just One Dress

Have you ever heard of a convertible dress?  It’s a type of dress that can be worn multiple ways, thus giving you lots of options on how to wear it. In my closet I have

Blurb Flash Sale: 25% Off This Weekend!

Are you a scrapbook flunky like me?  Then I’ve found us the perfect solution…. These days, its so important to have something tangible to reflect on good times, hard work paying off, or simply being

Because Prompts are Fun: 20 of My Guilty Pleasures

Being a mom I am teeming with guilt: mom guilt, wife guilt, education guilt, food guilt… It never ends! Heck, yesterday evening I was supposed to leave hubs with the kids for a couple hours

craft supplies colored card stock and scissors

Once I Wanted to Be a Scrapbooker…

Once upon a time in my life pre-children, I wanted to be a scrapbooker. It was only a mild interest as I transitioned from high school to college.  I had so many pictures and

How We Went From Friends to a Couple Part 2

So we’ve covered how we met online and went on our awesome first non-date date where a cop ran us for warrants. We survived that together and continued talking, then Brian drove way out

Baby Update: 2 Months Old!

I’m going to be obnoxious and say this every month, but WOW I can’t believe Xander is 2 months old! (Okay, I will try not to say that I can’t believe it every month.

Tips for Dressing Newborns

I almost forgot how awkward it can be to dress and change clothes on a newborn.  It is certainly much different than a toddler who can help get dressed!  I felt more at ease

Getting Anxious for Spring @Sears #GrillingisHappiness #spon

We lucked out again this year by not having much snow in Wisconsin until mid-January.  Usually it’s been around since November or December.  There have even been a few warm days that melted away

Seeking Healthy Motivation Mojo

I lost it. I lost my motivation mojo. You would think my workout routine would be basically habit by now, but no. I slowly back pedaled. I could blame the kids. I could

Because Prompts are Fun #5 – Guilt

Last week everyone pretty much decided to dig into their music libraries to share a variety of love songs. There was even a Rickroll or two. (I was totally kidding about the