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Tales From the Nursery: The Toddler Years

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Because Prompts are Fun: An Introduction to My Life

“So, where do you want to start, Mrs. Za-Zaloo-”

“Zalewski.” I watch as he unpacks his bag, clicking on a mini recording device. “I’m not sure. I mean, I always dreamed of a book about my life but not written … Like this.” I gesture at him.

“Right, I could see that. Well, just start talking whenever you’re ready then.” He leans back in the chair, his fingers laced together behind his head.

I clear my throat and take a sip if ice water, still mulling over how to start the introduction. “I suppose I could start at the beginning. I could talk about growing up like an only child when I’m really the youngest of seven girls. My mom and dad each had three daughters during their first marriages.

Looking back I went through a lot of emotional ups and downs, being poor and on welfare, doing exceptionally well in school, losing both of my grandfathers during the holidays in the same year…

Then fast forward to my awkward teen years where I struggled with self esteem issues and an undiagnosed eating disorder. I wanted to be recognized for my brains and creativity but accepted by my peers. That’s probably what led me to experiment with sex and drugs. Funny how one can be so smart and stupid at the same time.” I smile wryly.

“But that is just where I came from and a mere scratching of the surface. My life now revolves around my family. My husband and kids. They are my life, really.”

He lightly taps his fingers on the table. “How’d you become a ‘mommy blogger?'”

I shrug. “I always had a passion for writing and blogged on and off since about 2000 or 2001. I lost my job while on maternity leave so that pushed me to make a go of it. Ya know, to actually try to earn a living online.

Don’t get me wrong – I liked my job. Well, I liked the work I did with my clients anyway. We were tossing around the idea of me staying home, but it wasn’t official. I mean, we had a daycare spot reserved with a nonrefundable deposit and everything, but my department’s contract didn’t get renewed.

It made my maternity leave a huge uncertainty but I felt confident deep down that I’d have a job to return to; however, a few weeks into my leave I was informed of the news. Now it seems like a blessing in disguise. Things could have gone very differently if that contract had been renewed.”

He turns off the recorder. Click!

“Reached my limit?” I knew I rambled on too much, but I was still sorting out what to share. What would they really like to know?

“Beyond it. Better hope they ask for a sequel.”

Yes I broke away from the instructions, but I’m one of the bosses so it’s ok! Hope you enjoyed my choice of delivery on this one. I felt inspired to write it differently. Now link up your posts below! I can’t wait to read them.

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  1. mryjhnsn February 1, 2013 Reply

    Love it Mrs. Z! Can’t wait for next installment :)
    mryjhnsn recently posted..Because Prompts are Fun – Let Me Introduce Myself (in pictures!) #promptsrfunmryjhnsn

    • Darcy Zalewski February 1, 2013 Reply

      Thanks :) glad someone wants a sequel!DarcyZalewski

  2. Tahlia B. February 1, 2013 Reply

    Did you change the first one? I thought it was just to introduce ourselves… Crud, that’s not where my post went :|
    Tahlia B. recently posted..Sweet on Julep: February Maven Box

    • Darcy Zalewski February 1, 2013 Reply

      No I didn’t change the first one I just didn’t stick to one very well myself. I blended 1 & 3. Don’t worry!DarcyZalewski

      • Tahlia B. February 1, 2013 Reply

        Okay…I won’t. It just shows that I had an idea and ran with it, lol. Related to your post though – I find it interesting that we have another similarity, I lost both of my grandfathers within a couple months of each other. Not during the holidays though and relatively recently. It would be hard to lose anybody around the holidays.
        Tahlia B. recently posted..$20 for $50 of Julep Product at Bloomspot

        • Darcy Zalewski February 1, 2013

          Going with an idea is the main thing :)

          Oh wow you lost both in a short time too? I’m sorry to hear that. Losing a loved one is always tough but losing several close together makes the hurt even deeper. I am still lacking closure (though I was only 5yrs old) but I handle it better every year.DarcyZalewski

  3. JanetGoingCrazy February 1, 2013 Reply

    I am still sitting here struggling with the prompt…5 days later… I love the way you presented this, but somehow now I picture you in a dark room with a lamp, a long cigarette in your mouth, and a pin-up model hairdo…
    JanetGoingCrazy recently posted..{Dallas, Houston, Austin} Texas Pride and Football! NFL Stars Meet & Greet at select Sam’s Clubs this weekend!JanetGoingCrazy

    • Darcy Zalewski February 1, 2013 Reply

      LOL I could probably make that look happen except I quit smoking ….I’ll leave it unlit in one of those long holders ;)

      Girl I hope you write yours up this weekend!DarcyZalewski

  4. laura February 1, 2013 Reply

    I love the approach you took! Sounds like you have a lot of stories I look forward to reading
    laura recently posted..A day in the life of a stay at home momDealinandDishin

    • Darcy Zalewski February 1, 2013 Reply

      Does that mean you want me to expand on some of the things I hinted at? ;) it was hard not to go into more detail!DarcyZalewski

  5. Emily February 2, 2013 Reply

    Yep. I’m left wanting for more, too! I can’t wait to see what next week brings!
    Emily recently posted..Saying I Love Younaptimeismytime

    • Darcy Zalewski February 3, 2013 Reply

      Oh wait a weekly series? I didn’t expect to do the next so soon lolDarcyZalewski

  6. Amber February 2, 2013 Reply

    I love hearing background stories…..its funny when you think you know someone, but find out so much more has happened to them. :) Can’t wait to read more.
    Amber recently posted..Paul Frank makes sunglasses, who knew?!

    • Darcy Zalewski February 3, 2013 Reply

      Sometimes it’s quite surprising stuff too. Learning their journey can be a mixed bag though. Sometimes it provides new understanding and possibly more respect or amusement. Other times it can sully the image you had of them. Maybe even a combination of any of the above. Hopefully I don’t scare anyone away hahaDarcyZalewski

  7. Dawn February 2, 2013 Reply

    I love that you grew up in the Brady Bunch – the all girl version! Ha! That must have been fun for your parents!

    Dawn recently posted..The Day The Music Diedthenewclassy

    • Darcy Zalewski February 3, 2013 Reply

      It was odd that’s for sure! None of my sisters lived with me so I only saw them on visitation weekends. But a couple times my parents tried taking ALL of us out to mini golf and a water park. I don’t envy them lolDarcyZalewski

  8. Sarah @ East9thStreet February 2, 2013 Reply

    I say your last name the exact same way. Za-loo-ski? :) I struggle with all names that end with ski.
    Sarah @ East9thStreet recently posted..The Lone Ranger – New Poster and Sneak Peekeast9thstreet

    • Darcy Zalewski February 3, 2013 Reply

      People get scared of the ski for some reason. It’s ok…took me a bit when I first hooked up with Mr Z ;)DarcyZalewski

  9. Greta February 3, 2013 Reply

    I love learning more about people! It’s not very often that you run into other only children, even though you’re really the youngest of 7!
    Greta recently posted..Mavea Elemaris Water Filtration Pitcher Giveaway #CrazyCupidgretasday

    • Darcy Zalewski February 3, 2013 Reply

      It is fun to get to know others you talk to online a lot! And yeah it’s not often I run into others who grew up in similar circumstances like me.DarcyZalewski

  10. Ashley T February 4, 2013 Reply

    I love the way you wrote this! just a scratch of the surface but great. Thanks for sharing!
    Ashley T recently posted..What made me the person I am todayashleythinks2

    • Darcy Zalewski February 6, 2013 Reply

      Thanks Ashley! Now to figure out what to expand on first.DarcyZalewski

  11. Christy Ann February 4, 2013 Reply

    Oh, I love this post, and I can’t wait to read more! I already know that we would make awesome friends, but reading this makes me realize just how much we actually have in common.

    I didn’t do this prompt because I have a hard time writing about myself. “If you don’t have anything good to say, then don’t say it at all.” LOL.

    I also lost both of my grandparents within a month of each other, during the holidays, leaving me with only one grandparent when I was 9. I understand how it may not seem like a big deal, and I didn’t think it was at the time……until much later in life, when I did inventory and realized it was the start of a downward spiral. I never dealt with it. I acted out instead.

    Weird how I’m so much more comfortable writing on YOUR blog than my own! Maybe this is the start of something. Maybe by reading your amazing content posts I can get inspired to do some serious writing on my own blog.

    Christy Ann recently posted..I’m So Happy I Found Care.com, Solution to All Childcare Needsz853www

    • Darcy Zalewski February 6, 2013 Reply

      I could tell right away that we’d get along well :) sometimes it is easier to respond in comments because you know your family/friends are less likely to see it. It takes time to get comfortable .. I’ve been talking to the Internet for a good 10 years so it comes easier now.

      I hope to keep inspiring you :)DarcyZalewski

  12. Isra {TheFrugalette} February 6, 2013 Reply

    I loved reading this! I actually made a cup of chai to curl up and read it. This could be the beginning of a fabulous ‘mommy blogger novella.’thefrugalette

    • Darcy Zalewski February 13, 2013 Reply

      Ha! I could totally write a book about a character who blogs. :) glad you enjoyed my intro!DarcyZalewski

  13. Nikki February 8, 2013 Reply

    I loved how you wrote this! I am never good at writing about myself. I can write about my writing skills, my son, my boyfriend, pretty much anything but myself. I think I’m boring!
    Nikki recently posted..Simple Tips for Achieving Superior Healthprettynameless

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