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Getting Healthy & Fit Step by Step With Stiiv

I’m getting healthy this year step by step…literally. Not only am I taking steps to make lifestyle changes, I’m also counting my steps to make sure I’m moving everyday (and doing it with my awesome new Striiv SmartPedometer!) There’s no way I can lose weight and get healthier if I’m sitting on my butt all day long, right? How I eat and move are important and a work in progress. It’s easy for me to decide I am going to do something new and get all jazzed up about it, but how do I keep this momentum moving forward?

  • Make it as fun and enjoyable as possible
  • Have a support system.

Support was actually the easy part. Between my family, friends, and the Mamavation Sistahood, I have plenty of people willing to offer me encouragement, pats on the back and lift me up when I’ve fallen down. The hard part is turning exercise into something fun and enjoyable. If I don’t then I will dread it and make up excuses not to do it.

But I must do it, even if it’s not as much as I should be doing.

Rather than focus on working out X amount of hours each week, I’m first focusing on my daily movement by counting my steps with my Striiv. If I’m not moving enough everyday, an hour of exercise isn’t going to have the impact I’d like. They say you should take 10,000 steps EACH day. That’s the equivalent of 5 miles.

4 years ago that sounded like a lot to me. Today, that doesn’t sound too bad since I’m used to walking 1-2 miles a day during the spring and summer. Moving enough while cooped up in the house throughout the winter is a different matter entirely.

Striiv smart pedometer

As you can see I’ve been tracking my steps and trying to increase them each day. I was sad to see that I only average about 500 steps on a day that I don’t leave the house OR exercise. That’s too much sitting! Thankfully my Striiv SmartPedometer motivates me (which I doubted it could).

How the Striiv motivates me:

  • It automatically resets each day.
  • I can keep it in my pocket, on a keychain or on a belt clip.
  • It keeps track of my daily activity as well as all time activity.
  • It provides stats on my activity.
  • Trophies and challenges to earn bonus energy.
  • Use energy in the MyLand game to compete quests.
  • Donations for clean drinking water, saving the rain forest, etc, paid for by Striiv based on my steps.
  • It’s smart!

They don’t call it a smart pedometer for nothing. I’m pretty impressed with the way it tracks steps. I remember old school pedometers needing to be placed just so on my hip and it’d add steps on as I fiddled with it. This thing is NOT fooled by me waving it around. Unfortunately it won’t count steps if you really are walking while holding it in your hand though. (I tried.)

When my activity is kind of like a game, it makes it fun and I want to beat my old score. When I wake up, I grab my Striiv. It stays with me until bedtime so I can count nearly all of my steps every day. I even wear it while playing Dance Central 3!  I was actually disappointed yesterday when I had to charge it during the day.  I kept telling my husband, “I have more steps than this that didn’t get counted…”  I was surprised just how many steps I took just running a few errands though.


Oh speaking of… I met the goals I set for myself last week. My weight went back down to 225 lbs. I’m thinking last week’s weigh in was messed up somehow!

So next week I’ve set the following goals:

  • 30 minutes of Dance Central 3 at least 3 days a week.
  • Complete the Kinect Nike+ Training assessment (waiting for it to arrive!).
  • 10 pushups 3 days this week.
  • Hit 4,000 steps in one day.

Want to work on a healthier you too? Here are a couple best Buy coupons to help you get a few items to help you on your journey!

1/11/13-2/11/13 Get 20% off Health & Fitness items like your very own Striiv! Click to download and print your coupon!

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Also, be sure to follow along with #MillionSteps and #BestBuy on Twitter as a group of bloggers try to reach a combined 1 million steps during January.

What are your goals for next week?
Disclosure: I received a Striiv SmartPedometer as part of the Best Buy blogger review program. No other compensation was received. All thoughts shared are my own.

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  1. Pam January 14, 2013 Reply

    Great goals!!!
    Pam recently posted..Mamavation Monday – hate being sick :(

    • Darcy Zalewski January 14, 2013 Reply

      Thank you! :)DarcyZalewski

  2. Pepper January 14, 2013 Reply

    I love a pedometer that resets everyday – so much easier. But I love the idea of the trophies and stuff! So cute!
    Pepper recently posted..#Mamavation Monday Menu Plan (Jan 14th)

    • Darcy Zalewski January 14, 2013 Reply

      It’s fun to see the little achievements. I got excited when it told me I burned off a cupcake!DarcyZalewski

  3. April Ockerman January 14, 2013 Reply

    Great job on setting goals. I love having a pedometer to help me see how much I am or am not moving. It really is an eye opener.
    April Ockerman recently posted..Mamavation Monday- Rough Weekinsightsbyapril

    • Darcy Zalewski January 14, 2013 Reply

      Thanks! Yes it’s a huge eye opener. I wish my results were higher but hey, it’s winter and I am home with a newborn!DarcyZalewski

  4. Sarah @ East9thStreet January 14, 2013 Reply

    Ha! I’ve been carrying my Stiiv around in my pocket for the past week and forgot about it! You can see where my brain is. I think you have realistic, attainable goals set for yourself. I find that when I fail at achieving something, it’s because I’m not being honest with myself on what I can really hope to accomplish. I believe you should set the bar high but not so high you can’t reach even standing on your tip toes! Good luck and I can’t wait to hear how you’ve done!
    Sarah @ East9thStreet recently posted..Cheesy Potato Soupeast9thstreet

  5. Ellen Christian January 15, 2013 Reply

    You’re doing a great job. I have a Striiv and I like the little games they have. My goal is to stick to my calories & ride my bike 1/2 hour each day. some days are easier than others.
    Ellen Christian recently posted..Best Way to Prepare Potatoes for a Healthy Dietscentednights

  6. Joanna @way2gomom January 17, 2013 Reply

    You rock Darcy!! I love your goals, and that pedometer is super cute! I hope you’re having an amazing week :-)
    Joanna @way2gomom recently posted..10 Best DIY Seed Starting Pinsway2gomom

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