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Our Top 10 Recipe Roundup in 2012

I try to share recipes here and there, but I’m not the most creative cook or baker.  I suppose I don’t have to create brilliant dishes in order to share though, huh? Maybe you’d just like to know a few tasty things I was able to make without screwing it up! I’m


Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? Blog Changes and Goals for 2013

I’m serious – will you?  I’ve alluded to changes since sharing my personal and professional goals for 2012.  Slowly there’s been a shift around here and you all are going to notice it quite a bit more very soon.  So, I figure I should give you fair warning now.  I hope you


Working Towards a New and Improved … Me in 2013

Before I can start listing out my personal goals for 2013 and develop my plan of attack… err action, I must first look at last year’s list.  What did I accomplish? What is still in progress? What needs to be revised?  It’s kind of sad, but I forgot about several of them


Pledging to the Sistahood #Mamavation Monday

Hi, my name is Darcy and I like to eat sweets and everything bad for you. But that’s okay… I only have a couple days left to stuff my face so freely.  Then it’s time to face the music because today is the last day before the start of a new year.


10 New Year’s Eve Game Night Party Ideas

When I was younger (think high school and college) I was all about the New Year’s parties.  I got dolled up and wanted to dance and get my drink on.  I was single on many a New Year’s Eve back then, so it was exciting to wonder who I might hook up


Noon Year’s Eve Party Ideas

Since hearing about this idea of NOON Year’s Eve, I had to start looking for fun activities that could be used to entertain the kids.  I’m kind of liking the idea of partying during the day and not having anyone suffer the effects from lack of sleep.  Sure, I like to stay


Happy Birthday Mercer Mayer! + Little Critter Book Giveaway (US) Ends 1/12/13

I loved books from an early age and am passing that love on to my own children.  There are so many stories from my childhood that I’m trying to share with Rissa.  Some of the books are hard to find nowadays.  One series my husband and I both enjoyed growing up was Little


10 Slightly Geeky Unique Gift Ideas

This post contains affiliate links. Some items received for review. I admit I own and/or want a few things on this list.  Mostly though, I love this list for gag gifts or white elephant gift exchanges.  Something a little “out there” but can be appreciated for its uniqueness.  Some of these items


Holiday Entertaining Savings and Tips

Holiday parties, while fun, can get expensive.  We don’t host Thanksgiving or Christmas (yet) but I see the amount of food and drink required and know it’s costly.  Goodness, I think shopping for my daughter’s birthday party gets expensive!  We usually take or make something when another family member is hosting which


A Look at the Year 2012 on TFTN

2012 was quite the year for us here at Tales From the Nursery. There were ups and downs but overall I would say it was a pretty great year for our family and the blog. Let’s take a look back at some of the highlights, shall we? (And if you are a


BabyLegs 75% Off Winter Clearance Sale

I’m trying so hard to resist the urge to shop this awesome sale only because I already have one whole dresser drawer full of BabyLegs for the kids. I want to buy $75ish worth for about $20ish shipped. I do, I really do, but we don’t need any more. If I hadn’t


Celebrate Noon Year’s Eve With Radio Disney #Milwaukee

I recently heard about a fun way to celebrate New Year’s with the kids without going past their bedtime…. It’s called Noon Year’s Eve. Basically you have fun and party during the day rather than late at night. It keeps them from feeling left out and keeps you from losing your sanity


Munchkin Will ‘Pail It Forward’ to Families in Need

I love babies, but raising a family can be expensive. That’s not to say there aren’t ways to cut costs and make it affordable. However, the reality is not everyone has the means to provide for their family the way they would like. Some families are down on their luck and need


Why I Prefer Leading Lady Nursing Bras

I’ve been breastfeeding for over two years now. I am still nursing Rissa, though she only has one session a day now, usually around bedtime. It’s been cut down due to the arrival of my son, Xander. Now he is nursing like a champ every 2-3 hours around the clock. Well, he


Up to 50% off Tea Collection During Semi-Annual Sale!

Fabulous sale alert! Tea Collection’s semi-annual sale starts today, December 26th, and their entire fall collection is on sale with discounts of up to 50% off! No promo code required. Browse Tea’s fall styles to find adorable outfits like these: Stock up on comfortable and durable pants for boys. Mix and match


How My Kids Helped Change My View of Christmas

Do you remember how I shared last year that the holiday season has been tough for me emotionally over the years? Throughout my life I’ve lost several family members around this time of year and last year my dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Not fun stuff, I assure you. (Though good


Merry Christmas and Christmas Song Remixes from Rissa [Video]

Merry Christmas! From Brian, Darcy, Aerissa and Xander ~ The Tales From the Nursery crew I hope you have a fabulous time with your families and thank you for stopping by. I can’t wait to let you know about Rissa’s first “real” Christmas morning experience! For now, I thought you might enjoy


Spend $75 & Get $10 From Target Today Only!

The brick and mortar Target may be closed today but you can still shop online! After all the presents have been opened you might be itching to do some after Christmas shopping. I don’t blame you. Last night I got a Target gift card from one family get together. It’s burning a


10 Funny Christmas Movies

There are lots of Christmas themed movies, some are funny and others are tear jerkers. We are big fans of comedies so we tend to prefer funny Christmas movies. Here are some of our favorites: 10 Funny Holiday Movies 1 – Elf – Will Farrell dressed as an elf for over an


Twas the night before Christmas, in this blogger’s house…

Twas the night before Christmas, in this blogger’s house. Not a keystroke was stirring, not even the mouse. For I wrote and scheduled a few posts with care with the hopes that a few readers would soon be there. The rest of the family was asleep in their beds, visions of cool