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Summer Backyard Blast Giveaway Event! Win a Fun Water Toy! (US) Ends 6/15

Welcome to the Summer Backyard Blast! Everyone is giving away fun items to make your time in the sun a little more fun! This event will take place from June 1st through June 15th. We are giving away a fun toy to enhance water play! After you are done checking out our


Summer Fun With HABA Waterpark Starter Set!

Toddlers love playing in water – at least mine does! The proof is in the first water table video and now I have more proof below! Because I know how much she loves playing in water (the cat water, bath water… even a cup of water), I knew she’d be happy to


Bubble Guppies Will Keep You Singing! {DVD Review}

Bubble Guppies Release Date: May 1st Bubble Guppies Synopsis: It’s time to LEARN, it’s time to LAUGH, and it’s time to join the Bubble Guppies and their playful pet in their very own fairytale – Bubble Puppy’s Fintastic Fairytale Adventure! In this double-episode Molly and Gil went up a hill to fetch


Moxie Girlz Magic Swim Mermaid Giveaway (US) Ends 6/13

After talking about childhood dreams of swimming with mermaids, you didn’t think I’d go on without giving you a chance to win one, now did you? Make a splash this summer! Prize! (1) Moxie Girlz Magic Swim Mermaid doll Will it be Avery or Kellan? Subject to availability of which doll will


Does Your Child Want to Swim With Mermaids?

What is it about mermaids that is so fascinating? I know when I was little I thought they were the coolest. I wished I could be like one – probably because I couldn’t swim. There is just something about them that is fun and mysterious! We see this in kid movies, like


Kid’s DVD Giveaway! (US) Ends 6/13 ~ 5 Winners!

  Prizes! 5 DVDs – one winner each: Fireman Sam: Rescue on the Water  Shaun the Sheep Shear Madness Thomas & Friends Engine Fun  Angelina Ballerina Ultimate Dance Bob the Builder Adventures by the Sea Giveaway! Log into the Rafflecopter form either with your Facebook account OR just name & email (this


I Took the Healthy Snacking Challenge! (+ Popcorn Giveaway)

One of my favorite snacks while I was pregnant with my daughter was popcorn. It was a snack I could easily take to work, eat at my desk AND was okay with my gestational diabetes. I’m a popcorn lover, but I haven’t been eating it as much lately. So, when I heard


Bob the Builder: Adventures by the Sea DVD Review

Bob the Builder: Adventures by the Sea Release Date: May 22, 2012 Bob the Builder™ and his machine team “sea” lots of new ways to work together to get jobs done in and around Fixham Harbor in these five exciting stories. Scoop must make a creative seaside rescue to get the lighthouse


I’m an Armchair Doctor with House M.D.: Critical Cases! #CleverMD #spon

I am going to admit right away that I haven’t really watched House M.D. though I know there are very loyal fans to the show.  I have, however, played other Ubisoft games and I love puzzle games.  So, when I heard about Ubisoft’s new Facebook game called House M.D.: Critical Cases, I


Happy 6th Anniversary!

10 years ago, we started dating. We survived meeting each other’s families and spending Christmas together. Then 8 years ago today, you proposed to me at Disney World by the Lego Dragon! I had the best souvenir ever. 6 years ago today, we got married in front of our family and friends.


Angelina Ballerina Ultimate Dance Collection DVD Review

Angelina Ballerina Ultimate Dance Collection DVD Release Date: April 3, 2012 If your kids like Angelina Ballerina, they will love this DVD collection! It is sure to bring out the ballerina in them, and maybe a little in you too!   My daughter has already watched each episode multiple times with her


Pregnancy Journal: 13 Weeks!

The expanding belly: My OB said I’d be popping around now and she was right! You saw in last week’s pregnancy journal that I was starting to show already at 12 weeks. And the belly keeps growing! I didn’t really start showing until 5-6 months along with my first pregnancy. My regular


Thomas & Friends: Engine Friends 2 Disc DVD Set Review

Thomas & Friends: Engine Friends Release Date: May 15, 2012 Engine Friends, the latest Thomas and Friends DVD is a 2-disc set that tells us how the Steam Team first came together. Ever wonder how Percy became Thomas’ best friend or why every engine tries to be really useful? This DVD will


Shaun the Sheep: Shear Madness DVD Review

Shaun the Sheep: Shear Madness Release Date: April 17, 2012 I loved Wallace and Gromit in high school. The furor kind of died down about them but when Shaun the Sheep popped up on the Disney Channel, followed closely by a spin-off of Timmy Time, I was interested enough to watch. My


Spaghetti Panzerotti Recipe

I got creative in the kitchen last night and combined two foods we all enjoy without qualm. Baked spaghetti and bread. Yum. This was carb goodness. And so simple no matter how you do it. Dough: My dough was a dinner roll recipe for my bread machine, no kneading dough here! You


Finding Nemo 3D Trailer – In Theaters This Fall!

Finding Nemo is one of our family favorites.  I’m pretty sure Brian and I saw it in the theater when it came out (we used to go to a lot of Pixar movies pre-kids!).  This is one I definitely would love to see in 3D, wouldn’t you?


Blog Giveaway Event: Red, White & Blue 7/1-7/14 {Free}

Join us for the Red, White & Blue Giveaway Hop in July, coordinated by Tales From the Nursery and Formula Mom. Giveaway Hop Details Takes place July 1-14.  Prize must be the color red, white OR blue in some way.  This is meant to be a fun twist to get your creativity flowing.


Fireman Sam: Rescue on the Water DVD Review

My oldest son is almost five and has been a huge fan of firetrucks and firemen ever since he was able to talk. Every year we go to every firehouse we can during Fire Safety Week and it is bigger than Christmas! Imagine how excited I was when I discovered a cartoon


WW: A Day at the Park

She also went down the (small) straight slide all by herself! I wasn’t able to get a pic though.


DreamWorks Pictures’ People Like Us Clip: Family Outing #PeopleLikeUs

 My family is a little… unusual.  The best part? Never a dull moment!  And amazingly there are other People Like Us who have learned to embrace the family they have – no matter what that looks like.  I love this “Family Outing” clip because it’s just pure fun and silliness.  Enjoy! PEOPLE LIKE