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Holiday Gift Guide: Green Field Paper

The holidays are coming which means gifts need to get wrapped up. While I love giving and receiving gifts, decorating it all pretty, and watching them rip it apart… Have you ever noticed how wasteful it all is? Like super wasteful, not just a little wasteful.  At our family Christmases, there are garbage bags (or sometimes large boxes) used to collect all the scraps of paper. Even if we recycle all that it just seems… wasteful. Now we do all try to reuse gift boxes, gift bags and tissue paper.

Well, I’m happy to share that Green Field Paper offers a greener, more ecofriendly way to gift wrap!


Green Field Paper has been in business since 1992 and they are committed to offering a greener choice – tree-free paper.  Their paper is handmade using seeds, hem, recycled paper, and using shredded junk mail.  I received a roll of wrapping paper and a set of Grow a Note gift tags.  The gift wrap is made out of 100% recycled paper and uses soy based ink.  The gift tags are plantable.  There are wild flower seeds imbeded in the paper.  You can plant the whole thing into the ground.  The paper will breakdown as the flowers grow.

The gift tags are cute.  I think my father-in-law will take them to add to his garden!  It’s definitely unique!  The gift wrap was better than I expected since  I thought I’d get thin, flimsy paper.  Maybe I’m just too used to cheap stuff?  The good, heavy paper is usually more expensive.  This does cost more, but it is good paper.  I was surprised to find out the cardboard inner roll wasn’t there.  The roll immediately expanded after I removed the plastic.

As I wrapped this gift, I felt how thick the paper was.. this was good!  Now I don’t have to worry about the corners of boxes  poking through or the crazy ripping as you try to cut.

Want to win a greener gift giving set?  Enter here!


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  1. Amy Orvin January 11, 2012 Reply

    That’s really pretty. I love that.


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