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Havaianas Sandals Review

I know what you are thinking… it’s November in Wisconsin. Why on Earth am I reviewing Havaianas Sandals at this time of year? Well, there’s no snow here yet! Ha! Well, not all of you live in the same cold climate that I do and you might be looking forward to spring and summer next year all ready. Plus, flip flops are easy to slip on in the house!

Alpargatas created Havaianas in Brazil. The rubber recipe is top secret, but is able to create soles that are soft and light as well as durable. At first I wasn’t so sure about the price. I kept wondering why anyone would pay nearly $40 for flip flops when you can get them for WAY cheaper elsewhere. Well, cheap flop flops aren’t soft – their soles are stiff – and they wear down faster. I don’t normally wear flip flops because I hate feet (including my own!) and I don’t like things between my toes. They do have some closed toe shoes for fall. I did notice these were softer bottoms. I found the sizing information a bit unclear. I think I may have ordered them in the wrong size. Ooops! At least my feet seem to take up the whole sole. Doesn’t seem quite right, but I don’t really know.



I had fun looking around their site – so many to pick from! They even have baby sandals and wedding flip flops! There’s truly something for everyone. You can even make your own!

There are very nice looking. Wear them casual or with a dress or skirt. And? I wish I knew about these when I got married. I was one of those brides who did not want to have killer feet at the end of the night! I wore white & silver shoes that were comfy but my feet got really sweaty (yuck). So, while I’m not a fan of things between my toes, these flip flops weren’t abrasive like cheap ones are. I didn’t get to wear them out & about since I”ll be n the house a lot this time of year, but dang are these adorable! The softer soles might good for Rissa too. I’d love to try their other shoes.


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  1. They are so cute!! I am going to check out what they have. I wore flip flops during the early snow we had a few days ago. :) I will wear them until my toes freeze off! {I wore them at my wedding, too! :)}momtosprouts

  2. Isra November 7, 2011 Reply

    My brother is a HUGE fan of these, he’s in Cali, so you know that’s all they wear out there. I didn’t know about the closed shoes though, very cool. I’m in Boston, we have snow, and I still wear flip flops. You can take the girl out of Cali, but you cant take Cali out of the girl! :)thefrugalette

  3. janet November 7, 2011 Reply

    I am a flip flop freak!! I love flip flops, but I’m not crazy about the ones with plastic between the toes (sensitive feet) so I’m happy to hear they aren’t abrasive. BTW, I wore flip flops during my wedding but they had thick soles so I changed to slipper-type flip flops (pink fuzzy) for the reception!!
    janet recently posted..A Little R&R for me today!!JanetGoingCrazy

  4. Jennifer Anderson November 7, 2011 Reply

    THose are cute!

  5. Rhonda November 7, 2011 Reply

    I’ll have to look into getting a pair of these. I’m a flip flop loving momma! Plus it helps that I live in the South. ;)YummyBoyMummy

  6. Bonnie W November 7, 2011 Reply

    I have to say I love sandle in the summer. However when I “hear” sandals flopping against anyones feet… it drives me crazy.

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