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Why Facebook Hates Your Blog

Two interesting things about Facebook has come to my attention: Facebook hates busy bloggers and keeps trying to hide us from our fans.

It’s nothing person, but it’s what appears to be happening.  Less than half of my fans are seeing my fan page updates and posts.

That’s right – less than half.

Now, I realize some of them may choose to hide my page for whatever reason.  That I’m ok with – if they choose to do so.  But I don’t much care for Facebook deciding to do it for them.  Thanks to a couple other bloggers, we can do our best to let our readers and fans know so those who want to be kept up-to-date won’t miss so much!

Problem #1: Recent Facebook updates defaulted feeds to only showing information from friends/pages you interact with recently or the most.

(Thank you to Samantha at Have Sippy Will Travel for posting about this)

Why this is a problem: I don’t always take action on my feed, but I like to browse it. I’ve only been seeing updates from a small group of friends and pages lately.

What this really means for you: No one is seeing your updates unless they recently visited your page, commented or liked OR they frequent your page.

What you can do about it: Change your feed settings!

  1. Go to your “home profile”
  2. Click the “Most Recent” title on the right of the newsfeed
  3. Click on the drop down arrow beside it and click on “Edit Options”
  4. Click on “Show Posts From” and change it to “All Of Your Friends and Pages”

I changed this on mine this morning and – whoa – so much more was available for me to see! Even if you decide to hide some pages after this, that’s fine. But right now you are missing out on a lot of stuff!

Problem #2: Using feed aggregates or any form of auto feed posting to your Facebook page/profile gets low EdgeRank

(EdgeRank is Facebook’s system for deciding what feed items are “most popular” and thus seen more in people’s feeds).

(Thank you for a fellow blogger directing me to this post over at Still Blonde After All These Years)

Why this is a problem: Only 1 post from Networked Blogs or RSS Graffiti will show in the feed while the rest are lumped together where it says “see 35 more posts from Networked Blogs.”  Your stuff is getting buried.  The best way for it to be seen is to manually post it yourself.

What this really means for you: Either you risk your audience missing your auto posts or you type them all in yourself.

What you can do about it: You can do 1 of 3 things…

  1. Forget you read this and keep using a 3rd party program to post your feed automatically (this means ANY program that posts for you on Facebook whether it’s your blog posts, twitter statuses, etc).
  2. Stop using any program and post everything yourself on Facebook.
  3. Do a combination of the first two.

Personally, I’m opting for #3.  If I stop auto posting altogether – that’s a lot to enter all on my own.  and what if I’m not around when a post goes live? I schedule a lot of my posts ahead of time.  And who wants me to spam their feed as I manually post five new things all at once?!

This way, my posts will still go on my page and I’ll manually post the ones I want to highlight – but after they’ve been auto posted for at least a few hours.

What do you think about these changes? Will this alter how you interact on Facebook?


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  1. Susan April 15, 2011 Reply

    If you’ve ever noticed on your personal wall, if someone is a farmville player or player of another game, FB lumps posts together from players the same way Networkedblogs are lumped together in your feed. I find it would be nice for FB to inform their users as when to when they change things around…especially with privacy changes. Anyway, finishing up my entries for BYB…thought I would say hi while I was here :-) Have a great weekend!fingerclicksave

  2. Crystal April 15, 2011 Reply

    I noticed this happening but it seems like SO much work to manually feed everything!! Especially when I’m not home! Yikes! Any tips?theteacherswife

    • Darcy April 17, 2011 Reply

      I’d suggest manually posting the bigger posts that you want the most people to see. It’s going to be interesting to adjust. I’m still going to use Networked Blogs..for now.DarcyZalewski

  3. Samantha April 15, 2011 Reply

    did you see my post about changing your status? LESS then less then half are seeing it, actually…

  4. Erin A April 15, 2011 Reply

    Thanks for the heads up on that. I think I better start adding some manually.

  5. LaVonne April 16, 2011 Reply

    I never knew this. I used to get more FB comments from friends and family. I am wondering if maybe they are just not seeing my posts. I have now changed my own updates to include everyone, just so I don’t miss anything ;)

    I am visiting from the Alexa hop. I hope you have a blessed weekend!
    Long Wait For Isabella longwait4bella

  6. Amy T April 16, 2011 Reply

    Geez, I didn’t realize that about the networked blogs feed. I’ll have to manually post mine more often. Thanks Darcy! Oh by the way I’m following and subscribing now…I can’t believe I wasn’t before, so silly of me. :)ohsosavvymom

    • Darcy April 16, 2011 Reply

      No problem! And thanks for following & subscribing back :)DarcyZalewski

  7. Practical Parenting April 16, 2011 Reply

    This makes so much sense! I was wondering why my feed content has been so low. Leave it to Facebook…they think they know everything! Thank you for this.practicalmom

  8. Brian April 16, 2011 Reply

    I posted a link to this from my genealogy blog. It’s good info for any blogger.brianjz

    • Darcy April 16, 2011 Reply

      Thank you dear!DarcyZalewski

      • Brian April 16, 2011 Reply


  9. Jessica April 16, 2011 Reply

    Great information. I have noticed lately in facebook that I see updates from very few people and was actually getting pretty bored with it. I also noticed I had less traffic coming from facebook than I used to. Now I know why, thanks!!fourplusanangel

    • Darcy April 17, 2011 Reply

      I hadn’t thought much of the lack of updates until I read Samantha’s post. When I looked at my feed again it made sense! I just started to think everyone else got busy lolDarcyZalewski

  10. Rosann April 17, 2011 Reply

    Thanks for the information. Just updated my facebook page. Hope you’re having a blessed weekend! :)


  11. Divina April 18, 2011 Reply

    Very interesting. I only post a couple of times a week so I will post manually. Thanks for the info.dancinghotdogs

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