Monthly Archive:: September 2010


She’ll Look Like Her Mother

We can only hope she’ll look more like her mother, but one thing she’ll definitely be is adorable! I mean, by being a combination of those two precious faces, how can she not be? Though, I won’t be using one of those weird “What Will Your Kid Look Like?” websites, those just


Bizarre Observations and Revelations

In no particular order… I have eaten at least 15 pounds of peanut butter throughout my pregnancy.  How do I know this? Because we’ve been buying the big ol’ Costco sized Skippy jars.  You get 2 jars that are 3 pounds each.  I opened number 6 a few days ago. My belly


Presents and Baby Burritos

Saturday we had our final baby related class – Bring Baby Home.  There was an overview of things to expect and watch for in the first few weeks as well as basic newborn care. Believe me, practicing on a doll is not quite the same, but at least it gives you a


Happy, Wiggly Baby Update!

Today marked the start of my twice weekly monitoring appointments, which will continue until babygirl gets here. On Monday mornings I will have a biophysical profile (BPP) and Thursday mornings I will have non-stress tests (NSTs).  4 weeks ago I had I growth ultrasound and today they combined that with my BPP.