The Amazing Bouncing Belly

This morning I was able to experience something amazing.  For several minutes I could actually see my belly bounce and move as babygirl kicked and punched.

I’ve thought I’ve seen my belly jump a few times when I’d feel quite a powerful karate chop, but I hadn’t known for sure.  Usually I’d see my belly quake out of the corner of my eye and then she wouldn’t do it again for awhile.

But this morning…

Oh man, she was trying to punch and kick her way out of my belly like the Kool-Aid man.  

When I first saw the flowers on my top move up and down, I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me.  Was it just my shirt? Was it from my breathing? But as I laid still and watched, those ripples coincided with the pummels I felt within.  As she’d rev up again, I’d hold my breath a moment to hold my belly still and watch  – the outside of my belly was like watching the underneath of a trampoline while it’s being used!

I loved it, since I hadn’t been able to watch her actions like that before.  Soon I hope to be able to determine a hand from a foot and a head from a butt when she’s being so active.  And hopefully Brian can feel her antics soon as well.  He came over and this time she didn’t stop moving once his hand was on my belly.  She was still bopping me, but not as strongly and he couldn’t feel it – or wasn’t sure.

Also, it feels really weird but cool when she flips or turns now.  She’s growin’ like a weed!

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